Chapter 2: Trip Begins With A Breakdown

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*(Y/N)'s POV*

I gather my belongings into a small bag with a hidden pocket holding onto my most prized possession. Humming a little, I make my way to the throne room to find the boys talking to King Regis. "The decreed hour is come. Set forth with my blessing, Prince Noctis." Regis says as Noctis bows to his father. "Thank you Your Majesty." "Take your leave, and go in the grace of the gods." Regis replies as Notcis straightens himself up and turns around walking past his friends. "Right." Noctis says as he leaves his male friends with wide eyes as they quickly turn to King Regis with a bow, setting off after Noctis. Regis frowns at his sons actions before taking notice of me, causing his eyes to darken. "Before you all go, I must speak with (Y/N)... You four can wait at the Regalia that Cor has prepared for you all." Regis says as I nod my head at the boys to leave.

When everyone left besides me and Regis, he stood up carefully as I quickly rush to him. Grabbing a hold of his arm, he staggered a bit, gripping his cane. "Thank you (Y/N)... For going to accompany my son before Niflheim gather here and..." "I know my King... My dear friend. The day has finally come, and for the darkness to be stopped once and for all... I know it must be hard, but I will protect Noctis until the very end. Even if my father is the one to cause all this, I will stick with my family to the very end. I will make sure Noctis becomes the Chosen King he is ment to be." I tell Regis as he smiles wearily at me. Hugging me tightly, I felt tears on my shoulder. "I know you will do well in protecting Noctis, and so will the others... Please make sure that he knows that I love him very much, when it comes my time."

"I will... My King. Come, so you can tell Noctis goodbye one last time before the trip begins." I say as I gently guide King Regis towards the elevator and to the front entrance. Once outside, I walk beside Regis as Noctis turns to see us. "What now? I thought you'd just send (Y/N) when you were finished." Noctis says with an annoyance showing on his face. I glare a bit at Noctis as Regis pats my back and sends me forward. Walking past Noctis, I nudge him to go to his father. Meeting Regis half way up the stairs, Noctis crosses his arms. "I fear I have left too much unsaid. You place a great burden on those who would bear with you." "You're one to talk." Noctis says as Regis looks at me and boys to speak to us. "I ask not that you guide my wayward son, merely that you remain at his side." Regis says as Ignis and I bow in respect.

"Do not worry my King, he will always have us with him no matter what." "Indeed, Your Grace." "Well see the prince to Altissia if its the last thing we see." Gladio says as he glances at Noctis as he spoke. "Yeah, what he said." Prompto chirps in as Noctis ruins the mood. "Hate to break this up, but Cors got the motor running." Noctis says as he walks away. "Drautos, hes in your hands." "And another thing. Do mind your manners around your charming bride-to-be." I hold back a laugh as Noctis mubbles under his breath. Bowing with exaggeration,  Noctis mocks his father. "Your Majesty, as well. Try to mind yours around our esteemed guests from Niflheim." "You have no cause for concern." "Nor do you." Regis frowns as he steps closer. "Take heed. Once you set forth, you cannot turn back."

"You think I would?" Noctis showing signs of losing patience with his father with his endless talks. "I need only know that you are ready to leave home behind." "Dont know about you, but Im ready as I'll ever be." Noctis turns to leave once again; Regis again interrupts him. "Take care on the long road. Wheresoever you should go, the line of Lucis goes with you." Placing his left hand on Noctis's right shoulder, Regis stares Noctie in the eyes. "Walk tall, my son." Regis says before letting his son go and watches Noctis walk down the stairs towards us. A grimce on his face, Noctis tells everyone of us to get in the car. Hold my small bag, I glance at the King and nod my head, wishing him a silent farewell to him as we depart.

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