5. The Wedding Day

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"What? Come again?" Carol asked confusingly.

I hissed, "I said, I'm invited to the wedding."

I was at my school's café with Carol. It was like a normal lunch break of mine; buying food for myself and sharing a table with Carol.

"Take me with you, Sanaya." She put her hand on mine.

I pulled back my hand, "Don't even think about it."

"Are you going to go there?"

"No way. Why would I?"

"But, you've got the invitation. You shouldn't waste it."

"Katherine Hobsons said it out of courtesy. I can bet she wasn't serious." I mused.

"Sanaya, go for me and take some good pictures of the couple." She whined.

I gulped down a large sip from my coffee and then put it down, "Give it a break, Carol. Their pictures will be everywhere the very next day."

"Fine. Don't listen to me." Carol crossed her arms on the table and turned her head to her side.

She was getting on my nerves. Acting like a spoiled brat!

I was not willing to attend that wedding because it was just awkward. Hobsons were total stranger for me and besides, I really didn't want to witness stupid wedding ceremony where bride and groom were putting a fake show in front of public.

I had planned to go to the mansion and help Katherine and then afterwards, I would return to my dorm room.

"Oh yes. I remember you were planning to go to your parents' place, right?" I asked to Carol who was still showing her fake anger to me.

The best trait of Carol was her intellectuality. She was a straight A student. She was good in all subjects, especially history. As far as her looks were concerned, she was average looking with neck-length, straight hair, emerald eyes and small lips.

She turned her head to me, "I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll be back before finals."

Next week, we had our finals. It was the end of my high school life.


Wedding Day

Today was a special day for Hobsons. Today, finally, Ashar and Samara were getting married in the evening around 5'o clock at Catholic Church. I reached to the mansion four hours prior to the wedding to earn some more money by helping Katherine.

I saw many expensive cars outside the mansion today. Some helpers were loading those cars with the wrapped items.

The dining area was different than the normal days. There was chaos-like situation. Most of the domestic staff was there, but they were all busy with their assigned tasks. I was surprised to see that Hobsons had dozens of servants. I didn't see all of them during normal days.

Soon, my eyes stopped at Miss. Katherine who was talking with someone on the phone and there was some guy, in early thirties, standing beside her, waiting for her to end the call and pay attention to him. 

I couldn't recognize him, but he was certainly not from domestic staff because his attire seemed expensive.

"All the deliveries should be on time, Mom. Why you hired Hamptons for catering? They are lazy asses." The man exploded, after seeing that Katherine had put her phone down.

She huffed, "Relax, Austin. Trust your Mom."

Austin Hobsons. I remembered he was the elder son of the Hobsons family.

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