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omg wattpad doesn't like me. some of you already read this part, noticed there were no HC's. I wrote them, wattpad didn't save it :( i've rewritten some of them. I'm sorry for the confusion <3

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LONNG PAUSE! I just got done with school yesterday, so expect some more updates. (i go camping a lot, so probably not every week)
Here's some pictures of my doggos as sorry, because everyone loves doggos

 (i go camping a lot, so probably not every week)Here's some pictures of my doggos as sorry, because everyone loves doggos

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Izuku Midoriya:

-You have to be the one to ask him out
-His shy cinnamon roll brain can't even comprehend that you actually like him!
-He's so cute about it! He can't stop stuttering and can't look you in the eyes
-Eventually, he admits he likes you too
-If you hug him, he'd be so unstable and fall down with you
-Can't stop apologizing for his clumsy self
-Eventually he calms down and can hold a conversation with you like normal
-The relationship starts out a bit strangely, but eventually he warms up to the idea of receiving and giving affection
-Actually, he's the first to admit that he loves you
-He nearly faints when you say you love him too

Katsuki Bakugo

-Call him Katsuki
-Will not answer you if you call him by his last name
-With you being in support classes, it's hard to find a time that you're both not busy
-He insists on eating lunch with you, but not in the cafeteria.
-He's not ready for his friends to know you
-Honestly, he's afraid that you'll end up liking one of them because, hell, they're much better people than he is
-When you ask him about his friends, he gets defensive and asks why you're more interested in them
-You have to tell him you love him, and no one, not even his friends, could take you away from him
-After days of begging to meet them, he gives in
-But he won't let go of your hand
-Yells at Denki to 'fuck off off brand pikachu' when he flirts with you
-You and Mina hit it off, becoming best friends right away
-Katsuki eventually has to force you away because it's getting late
-"thank you for letting me meet your friends!"
"whatever. Just remember that you're mine"

Momo Yaoyorozu

-She's so cute when she confesses her love to you!
-Her eyes literally sparkle as she talks about things she loves about you
-"Your hair is so shiny, your eyes shine so bright! Not as bright as your smile, though! Oh, and your laugh! It's so pretty!"
-She could go on for hours about how much she loves you, eventually, you have to silence her by, you guessed it, a kiss
-Now she can't speak, because 'oh my- the must beautiful human on this earth just kissed me!'
-When you say you feel the same way, the poor girl collapses to her knees
-She can't believe it! Her eyes start watering as she mutters things that don't make sense
-"Are you sure? Me? You like me? Why?! I'm not great like you are!"
-Honestly, you were shocked at Momo's low self confidence. 
-In class, she was always confident about everything, in her studies, that is
-After hours of sitting on the ground comforting her, and confirming that you do, in fact, return her feelings
-The relationship goes smoothly in the beginning, mostly you boosting her confidence up until she feels great about herself
-Momo has changed, in a good way
-Endless thank yous for helping her get over herself, and making her realize there's more to life than the things that she isn't

Shoto Todoroki

-Already, his father doesn't approve.
-He overheard his son talking on the phone to some girl, and grounded him right away
-Todoroki wants to disobey his father, so he does the next logical thing: buys a new phone with his fathers money
-Eventually, he realizes his feelings for you
-From late night rants, to heartfelt conversations at 1am, he knows for a fact that he loves you
-At school, he pulls you aside before you can walk in
-"I need to tell you something..."
-He goes on and on, saying he loves everything about you. But he doesn't use the word 'everything'
-He names every single little thing about you that he just finds so perfect
-Heck, he even compliments your fingers!
-You return his feelings, and share a wonderful kiss
-You two start going out, his father knows about this and tries to stop it
-Actually, his father showed up to one of your dates and tried to get you to break up with Shoto
-Ended with you two basically making out with each other in front of him
-Endeavor doesn't butt in to his sons relationship anymore

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