(PT. 2) Anyone Up for a Swim? (PT. 2)

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(Don's POV)

     "AHHHHHHHH-" I screamed as I fell down, plunging into a body of water of some sorts. Which worked great for me because I had no idea how to swim.

     I never had the time to learn before the, well, incident. And none of us dared test the water of that dull gray place.

     So naturally, I started flailing around as I slowly sunk to the bottom. My ears, nose, and mouth were already filled with water because I hadn't planned on falling into a body of water.

     Slowly, my vision began to fade, my body slowly stopped flailing hopelessly. I saw something making its way towards me, but I was to tired to think clearly, and in all honesty, I wanted to take a nap..

     Yeah actually.. A nap doesn't sound to bad.. Just. a quick one. Duni won't be mad if I'm a little late with the metal.. Night world..

And Don, passed out.

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