(PT. 1) Escaping on Accident (PT. 1)

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(3rd Person)

     A man was briskly walking towards A machine in a dark, grey, seemingly dead forest, hands in his pockets. The air had no feeling to it as he walked over.

     His hands practically jumped out his pockets as he started calibrating coordinates.

     Duni had just yelled at him to go get something metallic from the machine. Duni didn't care what it was, as long as it was strong, and metal.

     As numbers appeared on the screen the short, tan male started thinking, something he didn't do often.

     You know, last time I was around this machine, it brought a bird here.. And then it brought that bird back. I wonder if it could take anyone back then.. I mean, it doesn't seem impossible..

     The man suddenly pressed enter, and the words, "Maintenance Required. Please Step Inside for Maintenance!" Came from some kind of voice box in the machine.

     Strange.. The man thought. Duni didn't tell us it alerts you when it requires maintenance..

     The man shrugged and opened the iron door of the machine with a button and stepped inside. The door shut behind him, that when he noticed there wasn't a button to open the door from the inside.

     I screwed up.. He thought. He was just about to call for help when a whirring sound started.

     "What..?" He murmured to himself.

     "Finalizing coordinates.. Coordinates finalized. Sending; Live Specimen. Sending; Now." The machine announced.

     "WAIT WHAT!?-" The man shouted, when he was seemingly evaporated by a blinding white light as the machine whisked him out of the forbidden universe.

And that's how Don began his new, crazy adventure.

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