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"I thought that I was worth it but, in the end, I was just a waste of time."

Things happen with reasons. And sometimes our choices end up being a waste of time not just for us but for others as well. 

And it can be that you feel as if you are just a waste of time. Or the other person feels like he or she is just a waste of time to you. 

And as in this story the main subject is actually how often it actually happens that a man treats a woman like that. And that's why the title 'waste' because at some point we both realise that everything he did to you was a waste to him and every time you tried to defend yourself was a waste of energy. (Sadly enough it still happens very often, girls from all ages get sold or raped or killed for whatever reason)

So don't take this story lightly. And think about it carefully. 

But, this story isn't at the end yet.

I would like to continue it but since it is tricky to write and people might go against a choice I could possibly make for the story... it's a little yeah 

The question I leave for you is (was actually already mentioned before)


What would you do if that happened to you?

Would you give him another chance? Or would you bring him down?

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