Chapter Thirty Three

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Annabelle's PoV

I was startled awake as ice cold water was poured all over my head. I tried to hold onto the dream with Jax for as long as I could but the shock of the cold forced me out of my subconscious and into the real world.

"Wakey wakey little Annabelle, we have a surprise for you".

I looked up through my semi sleep haze and came face to face with the guys that smells like Alpha Parker, I really had to learn his name.

"What do you want?" I grumbled. I was in to much pain to care about how I addressed him at the moment, it probably wasn't the best idea to get grumpy with your captor.

"Watch who your talking to bitch" someone growled at me and I looked up to see a new person standing next to Alpha Parker's scent double. He stood tall, almost 6'6, with broad shoulders and tattoos running down both of his arms.

"Easy Sebastian, she's alright" the scent double chuckled as he took in my fearful expression. "I just wondered if you wanted to see the show" he continued as he took up his regular stance of leaning against the door frame.

I frowned "What show?"

"Well we just thought that as we have to kill all your pack I thought you'd like to watch? We're going to put on a little show you see. The guys here have been so bored lately and deserve a bit of entertainment don't you think?"

Bile rose in my throat at the thought of having to watch anyone die. "Why are you doing this? You have me so why not just let them go?"

He chuckled "and let them run strait back to that pathetic Alpha of yours and tell them where you are? I don't think so love".

Xavier, who had been quiet through out the whole of this interaction, growled at the mention of Jax being weak.

"Oh cool it beta, I'll get to you in a minute" the scent double shot back as he gestured Sebastian with his head towards Xavier.

I watched in horror as Sebastian stalked over to Xavier and proceeded to punch and kick him wherever he could. Being restrained in silver there wasn't much Xavier could do but lay there and take it.

"No please stop... I'll do anything please?!" I screamed as I saw Xavier's eyes role into the back of his head.

"Anything hu?" The scent double questioned as he gestured Sebastian to stop.

I nodded, unable to get any words out through the tears that were streaming down my face.

"Sever your mate bond with your Alpha and mate with me" the scent double growled as a sinister smirk appeared on his face.

"W-What?" I stuttered, not able to comprehend what he was asking me.

"You heard me, end all your ties with Alpha Jax and willingly mate with me".

He had pushed himself off the door frame and had come to squat in front of me as I lay on the ground in a puddle of water and Xavier's blood.


"Why wouldn't I?" He countered as he continued to stare into my eyes.

"But you said you didn't want a mate, that mates were designed to make werewolves weak?" I was so confused.

"Yes, but having the opportunity to be mated to a direct descendant of the moon goddess herself? Who would pass up an opportunity like that? What better way to hurt and betray the moon goddess then to forcibly rip her descendants mate from her and then force her into a mating with someone else against her will? If that happens the goddess will be forced to remove her touch from you and therefore weakening both your family blood line and her herself. It's a perfect plan".

I stared at him in shock as everything started to click into place. "This was your plan all along wasn't it? All the scheming, kidnapping my parents, making me live with the Leftens, it was all part of yours and Alpha Parker's plan to get me to be your mate". I felt sick, physically sick that my whole life has been played out like a check list for him.

"Very clever. I have to say when you managed to escape the Leftens it threw a spanner in the works, I had to go and speed things along a little bit when I heard that you had found your mate but you being so scared and untrusting worked in my favour. I would have never been able to follow through with the plan if you and that Alpha of yours had completed the bond, so thank you".

This time I did throw up, although there was little in my stomach other than bile and stomach acid. "Your a monster" I gasped out after I had finished emptying the contents of my stomach.

The only thing he did was smirk at my reaction, he was loving every second of my torture.

"And my parents?" I questioned.

"What about them?"

"Why did you take them and torture them this whole time?"

He smiled and grabbed my chin with his hand whilst his thumb stroked my cheek bone "well how else were we supposed to get you here? If a few kidnapped pack members weren't enough to get you here then your parents definitely would be. We just had to play the waiting game".

He laughed at my horrified expression as he got up and made his way back towards the door. "I'll give you till sundown to decide, better make your mind up quick" he taunted as the door was slammed behind him by a smirking Sebastian.

What was I going to do now?

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