What other people think of your relationship

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Newt: "I'm not much of a fanboy but I ship it, they are so cute together!"

Minho: "I'm glad Thomas actually had the guts to ask her out, they complete each other"

Alby: "I don't usually talk about these things but they are cute"

Gally: "I should of got to her first before that slinthead! *Diabolical laughter*


Thomas: "They are both that awkward person but now that they are together it's a cute awkward"

Minho: "They are to cute together even though Newt tries to stop Y/N from going out in the maze" *grumbles*

Alby: "They are cute, they will definitely last"

Gally: "She deserves better then him, what does she see in him!?!?" *Snaps fingers*


Thomas: "They are both runners so I think that's what works about them"

Newt: "Minho told me he liked her since she came out of the box, I figured he couldn't take his eyes off her"

Alby: "They work I must admit"

Gally: "I can't think of anything bad to say because they are cute"


Thomas: "She brings out the best in him"

Newt: '' Alby used to be tough as nails until he met her, I ship it"

Minho: "They suit"

Gally: "They are alright I guess"


Thomas: "She made him change his act, he done it willingly he must like her"

Newt: "I don't know what he sees in him but I must admit they are cute"

Minho: "She stopped him from being a slinthead, good enough for me"

Alby: "I'm not really fussed with their relationship I think it will last though"

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