Chapter Sixteen

Magsimula sa umpisa

"Of course, I remember you, Chelsea..." Even though I didn't. "Come here, baby. Why don't you take a seat next to meet."

She swayed her hips as she walked towards me and sat next to me.

"Ito nga pala ang mga kaibigan ko sina Wayne at Axel." Pakilala ko sa kanya. The two gave her a smile and a nod.

"So, dude, where did you two met?" Seth grinned. I threw him a subtle glare. He was teasing me. They knew me well. They knew I had no idea who this girl was and I was just faking it. Tinignan ako ni Chelsea na parang hinihintay ang sagot ko.

"We met at a... a..." I snapped my fingers, pretending to think.

"We met at Winona's beach party!" She said.

"Yeah, at Winona's beach party..." Sabi ko. The two assholes chuckled.

"I'm so glad na nagkita ulit tayo dito." She wrapped her arms around mine, my arm snuggling between her D cup bossom. I let her blabber for awhile, pretending to listen to her.

"Hey, want to continue our conversation at your place? Masyado ng maingay dito." Bulong ko sa kanya.

She smiled even wider and nodded her head. "Sure, let's get out of here. We have a lot to talk about, I'd probably keep you up all night."

"I wouldn't mind, baby." I winked at her.

Nagpaalam na ako sa dalawa na abala na rin sa kasama nila. We went out of the club and got in to my car. Itinuro niya ang direksyon sa bahay nila. I pulled over in front of her house. Pagkalabas pa lang naming ng kotse ipinupulot niya na ang mga braso niya sa leeg ko at hinalikan ako. Hell, I hadn't been with a woman since Valerie! Napamura ako sa isip ko. Why did I have to think about that brat again? She could go fuck David for all I care. I responded to her kiss with a hungry passion. Nabuntong ko ang lahat ng inis ko sa labi niya. And she seemed to like it. Nakarating kami sa pinto ng bahay niya ng hindi naghihiwalay ang mga labi namin. She pulled away from the kiss to get her keys from her bag and open the door. Pagkabukas pa lang nang pinto ay nagmamadali niyang tinanggal ang butones ng shirt ko at hinubad iyon. She kissed me on the neck, her hands roaming all over my chest and my stomach. It went down to the button of my jeans and she undid it. Bumaba ang halik niya sa dibdib ko, sa tiyan hanggang sa lumuhod na siya sa harap ko. She looked up at me with a seductive smile on her face before pulling down my jeans and my underwear.

I groaned when I felt her hands around my shaft before taking it in her mouth.

"Val..." I moaned mindlessly.

"Who the hell is Val?" She stopped and looked up at me with a frown.

"Fuck!" I pulled up my pants. Pagkatapos ay dinampot ko ang shirt ko na nasa lapag.

"Axel!" She whined while I was buttoning my shirt. "What are you doing?"

I didn't answer her.

"Axel, you can call me anything you want..." Sabi niya.

Tumalikod na ako at naglakad palabas.

"Hey, where are you going?" She asked, frustrated, as she followed me.

"I'm sorry, Cherry, I need to go." Sabi ko bago sumakay sa kotse ko.

"It's Chelsea! Damn you!" I heard her say before hitting my car.

I started my car and took off. Paulit-ulit akong napamura. What was happening to me? Why do I keep thinking about Valerie, imagining her doing things to me? Inis na inis ako sa sarili ko dahil hindi ko siya magawang tanggalin sa isip ko. I was so fucking tired of thinking of her. Bakit ba ayaw patahimikin ng babaeng iyon ang isip ko? Bakit ba siya ang iniisip ko sa lahat ng ginagawa ko? Women are suppose to make my dick hard, not my life!

I got inside my condo and went to my room. Ibinagsak ko ang katawan ko sa kama. My mind was just so fucking exhausted and I was in dire need of relief. I stared at the ceiling for a brief moment before I sat back up. I reached for my bedside drawer and took out a pink chemise. It was Valerie's...

I felt it, touched it, smelled it... I felt like a fuckin psycho for doing this but what the hell... This was the only thing that gets me off. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my erection. I stroked myself, imagining her wrapped around me. Her tight little ass squeezing the hell out of my dick.

"Val... Fuck, Valerie..." I groaned as I stroke myself faster. I was almost there. I could feel myself closer and closer to climax. My body went in to a violent shrudder as I came hard. I found myself staring at the ceiling again as my orgasm subsided. I wasn't ready for her yet. I wasn't ready to feel this way for anybody yet...

Valerie's POV

"Axel..." I opened my eyes and darkness greeted me. I sighed. It was just one of those dreams. Simula nang umalis si Axel hindi na siya mawala-wala sa isip ko. Everywhere I look reminded me of him. He wouldn't leave my mind even in my dreams. I dreamt of him touching me here and there and everywhere I shouldn't be touched. My body miss him. It was going through Axel withdrawals...

I sat up and hugged my legs against my chest. The dream felt so real and my body was aching and wanting. I felt like I would sponteniously combust if I didn't do anything about it. I squeezed my legs together trying to surpress the growing heat there but my hands had taken a life of their own and I began to caress my body. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Axel's hands. I moaned when a hand stopped on my breast. I cupped my breast and squeezed it just like what Axel had done before.

I found myself taking off my cotton night dress until I was only in my underwear. I went back to cupping my breasts, I touched my nipple and they were already hard. I said Axel's name as I played with it, imagining it was him. I had never done this before. My hand shook as it traveled from my breast down to my stomach. I let it touch the fabric of my underwear. I was exploring, sliding, making myself feel good rubbing my slit over my panties.

"Mmm... Axel..." I moaned. It wasn't enough... I wanted to feel more...

My hand slip inside my underwear and I touched myself there. It sent waves of pleasure all through my body. I rubbed my finger where it felt good. Where he had made me feel good. I could the heat spreading all over. I rubbed faster and faster as I neared my orgasm. I slipped a finger inside me, feeling my wetness... slowly in and out... katulad ng ginawa niya sa akin.

"Oh God, Axel!" I cried out. Almost... there... I began bucking my hips up and down as my hand moved. I was on the verge of bursting. I cried out his name over and over as I let myself go. My body went limped against my bed. I felt drained and tears began to spill from my eyes. I miss him. I really do. It wasn't enough. I could never measure to what he gave me...

I wished I didn't feel this empty without him.


Author's Note

Salamat sa birthday wishes and birthday greetings. At salamat ulit sa mga bumuo at gumawa ng video. Alam ko paulit-ulit na ako sa pagpapasalamat sa inyo pero talagang na touch ako. Hindi ko ineexpect yun. Basta alam niyo kung sinu-sino kayo at maraming salamat talaga. Naiyak talaga ako. Sobrang nakakaoverwhelm! T__T

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