Chapter 5: Now

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June 2013
Hayaat noticed he has been gone for more than Two hours and peeked outside to see all the cars. She lifted her veil and wrapped her hair with it before she strolled down the parlor directly to her Co wife's section.

She knocked on the door and heard a faint come in before opening the door to see him sitting on the couch with her head laying on his laps while they focused on the tv.

"Do you need something?" Hayaat didn't utter a word to her question while her eyes shot daggers at her but cleared her throat catching his attention.

"I need you to come with me" He raised a brow Seeing Hayaat's neutral face and questioned her if anything happened and she shakes her head.

"We're busy, He will join you shortly" She spoke up raising her head from his laps "Excuse us please".

Hayaat does the most unexpected and took a hold of His's hand who allowed her to do so and urged him to get up which he did. She dragged him out of the section leaving her co-wife gaping at them with her mouth open.

He followed her allowing her to lead the way when she stopped in the main parlor and let go of his hand "It's still my first day in this House Hamma"

"Hayaat....I can explain" She raised her hand indicating him not to talk "I know she's your wife But you need to understand the fact that I am now your wife too and I have told you before, I won't watch my rights being trampled upon. I won't ask for anything more, Just my rights and nothing else" She sinked to the couch trying hard to forget the message she received from Her co wife few minutes ago.

He kneeled down in front of her placing his Hands on her laps "The past few Months has been hard on both of us. I know I sure have not made it any easier but I am sorry for what I did today and what I might do tomorrow".

"It's okay, What do you want to eat?" She asked while he played with her fingers.

"You're making lunch? You do know it's not allowed for you to cook for a week"

"Yeah but I am kinda hungry and Minal is not here yet"

"Let's go to the kitchen" He ushered her to the kitchen where he made her sit down on a stool before whipping out cooking utensils and vegetables which he prepared Indomie with for her and fried the sausage with her laughing at the way he throws the sausage into the oil and jumps back acting like a teenager instead of the Twenty Seven year old he is.

He served the Indomie and took a hold of two forks before going back to the Main parlor with Hayaat holding two Bottles of water in her hands and they devoured on the meal.

Later at night, when they were about to retire to bed, he excused himself to say goodbye to his first wife which he did hurriedly before joining Hayaat in the room.

"Do you want to see my main room?" She nodded and jumped out of bed where he took her to his side.

His room has a very Dark and Calm setting to it and Hayaat sat down on the bed feeling it soft texture "I want to sleep here all day" She muttered laying down "Can we sleep here tonight?"

"Yeah sure. Let me go and switch off the lights of the other room" He left Hayaat and her mind wandered to how unexpected her life has turned.

From being the heartbroken teenager to getting married to the least expected person and finding out her entire life was nothing more than a facade which was hidden from her.

She spotted a frame on the bedside and picked up to see him and his wife grinning at the camera with his hands on her waist while she laid her head on his Chest.

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