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Y/n=your name
h/c= Hair colour
F/f = favourite food
Sacred gear talking

Alright. let's get this bread, gamers.

3rd POV

It was dark, and a blonde woman was running down the streets with a basket in her arms. She eventually came to the Orphanage and she placed the basket down. The baby inside was fast asleep, the woman moved his h/c hair out of his face.

???: "don't worry, Y/n. They'll take care of you here. Goodbye, my son. I'm sorry."

The woman left with tears flowing down her face and the baby started to cry. Before long, one of the nuns in the orphanage opened the door and looked down to find the baby boy crying his eyes out.

Sister: "oh my! Who could leave such a beautiful baby boy here? Come, child. We'll take you in."

The nun picked up the basket and brought it inside with a warm smile on her face when she saw the note that was left with him.

'To whomever finds this child. I beg you to take care of my Y/n, he means everything to me and I wouldn't leave him if I had any other choice. Please, bring him up to be a good man and treat him with all of the kindness in the world.'

The sister teared up as she read the note.

Sister: "so, Y/n is your name? Mine is Evelyn, it's nice to meet you."

The baby stopped crying and began to laugh which made Sister Evelyn smile as well.

Evelyn: "we'll be sure to raise you right, you don't need to worry about that."

She then brought Y/n out of the basket and gently rocked him to sleep. Singing a lullaby as she did so.

It was a chilly September morning and under a tree, holding a small Acoustic guitar, was a six year old Y/n and a small group of other kids from the orphanage.

Kid 1: "wow! how do you know so many songs?"

Y/n: "Sister Evelyn lets me listen to a lot of music. She says I have something called 'perfect pitch'."

Kid 2: "what does that mean?"

Y/n: "it means that I don't need sheet music, I only need to hear the music to learn how to play it."

All kids: "so cool!"

I was about to play another song but Sister Evelyn And Sister Freya called me inside.

Evelyn: "Y/n! Come here for a minute, will you!?"

Y/n: "coming! Sorry guys but I have to go."

I made my way over to the two sisters and the two smiled when they saw me.

Y/n: "is something wrong?"

Evelyn: "no, Y/n. It's just that a family was round earlier and they said that they want to adopt you. Isn't that wonderful?"

I felt the tears welling up behind my eyes, I was going to have an actual family with actual parents.

Freya: "aww, you look like you're gonna cry. Come here."

Sister Freya pulled me into a tight hug as I began to cry into her shoulder. I could hear Sister Evelyn start to cry as well. I always saw Sister Evelyn and Sister Freya as big sisters. They looked after me ever since I first came to the orphanage when I was a baby and they always stood by me when I was having a bad day.

Freya: "right, well, you should go pack your things. The family will be back to pick you up tomorrow."

I nodded my head and sped off to my room where I began to gather my things when I heard a voice from behind me.

???: "you're leaving?"

Y/n: "Xenovia, yeah, I'm leaving tomorrow."

The blue haired girl looked upset that her friend was going to leave her.

Y/n: "hey, don't be sad. I'll always be in here."

I pointed my finger to where her heart was and she smiled and hugged me.

Xenovia: "you better have a good life, you hear me?"

Y/n: "haha, of course I will. I promise, I'll live my life to the fullest and maybe we'll see each other again in the future."

Xenovia smiled again and after one more embrace, she left me to pack my things.


I woke up early that morning and I sprinted out to the dining hall.

Freya: "Y/n, you're up early."

Y/n: "yeah, I want to make a good impression."

Freya: "good boy. The Hyoudou's will be here soon anyway so you'd better say your goodbyes to the others."

I nodded and when the other kids arrived, I explained what was going to happen. A lot of them started to cry and I hugged each of them in turn and then it was time to go.

I waited in the main hall until the Hyoudou family arrives and after about half an hour, they came though the doors. Sister Evelyn lead them into the waiting room and then cane to fetch me. Before I could go however, She pointed behind me and I turned to see Xenovia standing with tears in her eyes.

Y/n: "I guess that this is goodbye for now, Xenovia."

Xenovia: "y-yeah. I guess."

She started to cry and I walked up to her and gave her a hug which she gladly accepted. When we parted she gave me a smile and then walked off. I couldn't help but feel bad for her but I had to go.

I arrived in the waiting room where mr and mrs Hyoudou were.

Evelyn: "well, this is Y/n."

Mrs Hyoudou: "it's a pleasure to finally meet you Y/n. I'm Yui Hyoudou, but you can just call me mom from now on."

I smiled at her, tears threatening to fall from my eyes and she knelt down to my level and embraced me, mr Hyoudou joined in and after all of the paperwork was sorted out, we left and got in the car where my new brother Issei was waiting.

Issei: "hi there! You must be Y/n, huh?"

Y/n: "yeah, and you must be Issei."

Issei: "yup, my goal is to be the harem king!"

This ticked me off as I delivered a swift smack to the back of his head.

Issei: "OW! What was that for!?"

Y/n: "for being a perv."

My new parents cried tears of joy as I said this and they started praising god for me not allowing Issei to corrupt my mind.

It took us a solid hour to get home. When we arrived, mom showed me where my room was going to be and I unpacked all of my stuff. Hanging up my clothes neatly and placing my guitar in a closet.

Y/n: "I feel like I'm going to have a good life from here on in."

End of Prologue

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