Chapter 11-Enter The Rogue

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Three months had gone by and Seth was finally about to begin university. He took his passion as his study and enrolled in Multimedia with hopes to truly be a jack of all trades with video editing. He always had the dream of making the music videos of his favourite artists and given this chance to do it, he would stop at nothing to let it happen. Moving into his dorm was as emotional for his mother as any other and during the process, Maya would eye the boys leaving the bathroom in towels. 

Seth received 'the talk' all too late from his father who felt the need to start a demonstration on putting on condoms, and without access to a banana, he would use his phone. Once his family had left, Seth immediately lay on his bed and left his body. He stood in his room in his reaper's cloak and scythe on his back. He walked the school grounds and tried to sense for any acolytes or prints of essence. He stood atop the library building and scanned all of the students. Parties were definitely taking place tonight and Seth wondered if there would be a death count - with the rare but ever so common acts of sexual assault and alcohol poisoning. 
Seth had learned all too well that this world was cruel and unforgiving, preying on the innocent and gullible. 
He still wished he had a reaper's note, that of which contained the names of people who were to die and in what way and where. As for Seth, all he could do was to watch out for any suspicious activity feeling like a watchdog. But it had been ages since he reaped a soul and he had to keep up with The Order - who he had not seen in ages either.

Night settled in on the campus and Seth's dorm was hosting a party. The newbies were called down to perform their pledges, more like 'get hazed', and as one of the seniors banged on his door, his vessel lay in stasis. He would deal with the shit they would later give him for skipping out.
He leapt from the roof of one dorm to the other, constantly trying to sense for any essence from an acolyte or reaper. The plan was to reap, not to be reaped. He found a party where freshies were doing their pledges in the garden. There was a good mix of men and women, where if the ratio was not close to being equal, it would spell more of a problem. Seth watched from the roof and looked at any suspicious characters. One side had a group of three guys talking to two ladies, on the other side of the garden was a group of guys insulting a freshie. Seth then caught a wallflower and grinned. Where there was a lonely girl, there was a hungry guy. And Seth did not have to look too hard as he scoped one of the guys at the beer pong table eyeing her and sipping his drink all too slowly. 

As time went on he eventually made his way to the girl, spouting whatever lies he had which in turn made her smile and the conversation flowed smoothly. She looked to be more comfortable, like a fly settling in the spider's web. It began to get more interesting as the guy had now moved to brush her cheek softly and she was receptive and soon the two of them began making out. Seth looked around and spotted two others eyeing them.
The guy led her into the frat house and soon after the two by the table made their move into the house as well. Seth phased through the roof down into a room on the second floor. He moved to the stairs to see if they were walking up. But nothing besides others speaking and kissing on them. Seth phased down to the ground floor and peered around. He walked through the commotion, the reception of the house having been turned into a dance floor. The living room was a VIP section with jacked up men posing as security. Good thing Seth could not be seen as his look, in general, would spell 'nerd' and there was no way he would be granted entrance. He walked through them, both of them feeling a cold sensation and looking at one another as if to confirm what it was. 
Seth scanned the room but could not see any of the four persons. He moved to the kitchen, guessing that this house was built like most which had access to the basement located there. 
He entered the make-shift bar of a kitchen where more students with their red solo cups came to refill. Seth made his way to the pantry and right next to it was a door that was closed. Seth tugged on the handle but the door was obviously locked.
One student, clearly drunk, stood in the kitchen and saw the handle move when Seth pushed down on it but couldn't see Seth. He confirmed that he had had too much to drink.

Seth phased through the door and headed down the stairs in the basement where the expected sounds filled the place.
The girl was cornered and Seth tried to piece how it went down. She was probably convinced to come to fool around down here and she felt that it was the best she could get considering the options. Then everything turned bad when the other two came down. Confused and scared, sensing what was about to happen, she tried to run but the strength of drunk men is something else. She tried to scream but the music in the house definitely muted it. 
And now here they were, one of them cupping her mouth and holding her arms behind her as the others began stripping her down and feeling her up.
Seth assessed the situation but knew the moment he killed the first one, that likely a reaper would appear very soon. Seth materialised which allowed him to be seen by the guy that apprehended her and she also saw Seth. Her thoughts being that another guy had come to rape her but the other guy wondered just how he got in her with the door having been locked.
"I thought you locked the door, you idiots!" He yelled out and as the other two stopped to look behind them, a dagger past their faces and into the head of the guy which pinned him to the wall. Seth threw a second dagger to the light and the room darkened. The girl, now free, screamed for help again and the one guy took his phone out and used it for light.
There stood Seth in his cloak and the two daggers returned to him and formed into his scythe. The one guy immediately took off to the door but Seth cut off both of his legs midway at thighs. The second guy managed to find some tools and grabbed a hammer and hit Seth's head with all of his might which snapped the hammer. Seth slowly turned to him with a grin and seized him by the throat.
The girl gathered her clothes and was not sure what to even do. She could not see what was going on since the phone was near the basement stairs with the light glaring upwards, barely enough to light up the entire room. 
"Miss, it's okay," Seth spoke, "I'm not here for you."
She clutched her clothes tightly.
"Well, I actually am," Seth said, realising he messed up his words, "I'm here to save you."
Seth's other hand phased through the guy's body and he disconnected the spine from his pelvis. He dropped him and both of the men were screaming, one in severe pain and the other not being able to feel his lower body. Seth took the phone and pulled the legless guy by his hair to the girl. 
"Apologise," Seth ordered the guy in front of the mortified woman.
The man could barely get the words out, barring the fact that he was bleeding out.
"I don't have all night, and you barely have a few more minutes."
"I'm so-" A claw snatched the body of the guy, leaving just the head in Seth's hand. He looked to his side and ghoul crouched, eating on the body. 
The first guy Seth killed wasn't fully dead... But Seth wondered how and why he didn't hear the guy turning to a ghoul. Then again, he had never seen someone transition into a ghoul in the first place. He quickly moved to be between the girl and the ghoul. 
"Listen, get dressed quickly and move to the door," he whispered. She was the smart type to not question situations like these and she did as she was told. The ghoul kept its eyes on Seth and the girl but still kept eating the body, as if to only attack if they interfered with its feeding. 
Kuro was right about ghouls. 
The girl was dressed and moved quickly towards the door and suddenly the ghoul roared loudly, shaking the house. The music upstairs stopped as the ghoul still roared. Seth readied himself to fight but the ghoul moved in the blink of an eye the girl who tugged at the locked door. She still could not see and even stumbled up the stairs to get to the door. But Seth could see in the dark and tackled the ghoul to the ground. His scythe split into two daggers.

"Save me, please!" The other paralysed guy screamed out. A loud commotion came from upstairs and people started banging on the basement door, wondering why it's locked and calling out to the people inside. The girl screamed out to be saved and that she was locked in. Seth entered full battle with the ghoul, tossing and brawling with the creature. He had to kill it before the other humans came in. But as he would stab his daggers into it, they would barely sink into its flesh. 
The door was broken open by two other guys with a crowbar and the girl leapt out into the arms of her saviours. As Seth saw legs coming down the stairs, he cursed as he was out of time but could not leave this ghoul here to kill them all. 
A heavy force filled the house and the two people coming down the stairs flopped down and the commotion around the house ended in an instant.
This essence pressure... Seth felt this before. 
In the midst of this distraction, the ghoul lunged towards him and too fast for him to react. A woman appeared in front of him and cut the ghoul in half. She held her giant axe and turned around to Seth.
She smiled and hugged him. He was so happy to see her and embraced her tightly. It was pretty difficult to be touched by her with her essence flowing out so violently. Seth went limp in her grip and his body became like tissue.
"I'm sorry, Seth," she said and her embrace evaporated his body until all that was left was a glowing orb on the floor. She picked up what was Seth's core and flashed out of the building. 

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