1.5 - The Blood Seas and the Womb of the Earth

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The Red Sea on Gó'Dan's surface bubbled and simmered like molten fire, providing extra warmth. But just as Hairek's own heat grew, so did the heat of the Red Sea.

"Hairek, your molten fire warms me to my core," said Gó'Dan, "but I fear that it burns my surface. Could you absorb some of your essence to relieve the pain?"

Hairek agreed, and he pulled much of the molten fire off of Gó'Dan's surface. As he did so, the Vai'ad were stunned. Where the rest of Gó'Dan's surface was colored in browns and greys, the ground under the Red Sea was now seared black and hard like crust.

"Your blood has injured her, Hairek," exclaimed Aeth'Ún.

Hairek was distraught, for he wished no harm to Gó'Dan. "I did not know that my blood would burn her so!"

"I can still feel the heat," Gó'Dan said, "but it is not painful as it was before. Thank you, Hairek."

"What about the seared stone? It is a scar," Aeth'Ún said.

Gó'Dan chuckled. "I promise you, I am not so frail that a little singe will discourage me."

"I did not mean that," Aeth'Ún said quietly. He was not so forgiving, and he detested the damage that Hairek's blood had caused to Gó'Dan. Hairek's heat and light were far too voracious to go unchecked. Aeth'Ún, who sought order in all things, pondered how he might calm the Unending Flame without unleashing his fury.

Wrapped in Aeth'Ún's protective embrace and with Hairek providing her warmth and light, Gó'Dan was content. But she felt that she had more to contribute to the Void than just providing a central point around which the Vai'ad could focus.

The pool of Órúma's blood still covered much of Gó'Dan's surface, unmoving and stagnant. "Órúma, your cool waters cleanse my form, but the great Blue Sea is lifeless," Gó'Dan called. "How might your powers be used to bring life to this Sea?"

Seeing that her waters were inactive, Órúma poured more of her power into the Blue Sea, causing the water to churn and roil. Órúma commanded the newly imbued sea to come alive, and Mahar, a new Fin'Vai'ad, arose from the depths. She took no form except the sea itself, but her mastery over its currents was absolute. "You are Mahar, and you will control the movement of the Blue Sea, feeding life into the water," Órúma declared.

"I will ebb and flow as you have commanded," Mahar said. She roiled the water of the Blue Sea until it bubbled and foamed. However, her waves became so powerful that some of the water spilled onto the blackened stone left by Hairek's blood.

The water mixed with tiny droplets of Hairek's blood that remained and sizzled. Gó'Dan felt a strange sensation. "Hairek, add more of your blood," she called.

Hairek did so, and the water and blood gathered and swirled together, and then began to bubble and steam. Curious and excited, Gó'Dan called out, "Órúma, add more of your power," which the Vaia of the Cleansing Waters did, and the mixture churned with greater energy.

Gó'Dan lifted her own surface and contained the mixture in a massive pool. Then, Gó'Dan rolled her surface and crushed stone against stone to throw dust and shards into the pool. These melted into the liquid, thickening it.

Now, the red and blue pool surged like Mahar's waves, but the blood was not extinguished, the water was not consumed, and the stone and dust were not destroyed.

"Aeth'Ún! Imbue the Blood Pool with some of your power," Gó'Dan called.

Aeth'Ún created a maelstrom of the most powerful winds, and sent it straight down into the Blood Pool, piercing the surface as a sword pierces skin. The maelstrom lifted the mixture of blood, water, and clay from the Blood Pool and swirled it all together in the air. Aeth'Ún then threw the maelstrom back down into the Blood Pool. The new mixture, brown, red, blue, and grey in color, began to bubble furiously.

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