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They stood up abruptly. Cillian straightened his shirt and suit jacket before extending his hand for me to take. Having no choice I took it.

As soon as my ass left the seat Cian was on my other side and I could feel Seán breathing down my neck. They weren't taking any chances.

Passing through the diner Suzie have me a weird look. But the second our eyes made contact I looked down from the pure embarrassment of my three brooding bodyguards.

"If you don't get back to work your ungrateful lazy ass you will never work in here again." My boss startled us by yelling at us.

Cillian's grip tightened around my hand in a bruising hold, before it disappeared completely. Looking up in confusion Seán was quick to replace my brother's hand with his own. He met my gaze and pulled me tighter to his side.

I began to turn my head knowing where Cillian had made tracks for. Although my boss was the most condescending and irrational person you'll ever meet, no one, and I repeat no one deserves a lesson taught by by brother for disrespecting his 'piccola principessa'.

My head didn't get to see what was about to go down because Cian noticing my neck craning around to get a look at the terrifying mafia leader, and swung his arm around my shoulder forcing my head to face the ominous black jeep I was about to enter.

Out of instinct I duck at the sound of two gunshots in quick succession behind me. My face drops.

Daring to glance at my brothers who still had me tightly stuck between there hunk like bodies had a grin from ear to ear at the familiar sound of pain.

This is why I can't stand being near them. It's always kill for the craic or if someone so much as looks at me the wrong way.

As I hear muffled cries behind me, my heart rate quickens. I take deep breathes to calm myself down but wince at the huge slice in my ribs that happened when I was attacked last week. Long story maybe for another time.

The jeep door opened and I was pushed inside the doors were all closed and locked before I saw my brothers sprint back inside to join the eldest. Those sick bastards.

Taking breathes to calm down I grasp my side where I think my make-shift stitches ripped. A stray tear comes to my eyes as I remember the events of four nights ago.

Suzy and I were in 'Midnight', the club a block away from our apartment. I was a little tipsy and decided to walk home because I think my phone read 1:40am and I had work at 6am. Wandering down the street making sure to stay in the lighter parts on the road just like Cian used to tell me if I ever convinced him to walk home with me after a restaurant instead of driving. I loved the nighttime air and looking up at the stars. Out of nowhere while I was staring up at the sky I was slammed into the wall 3ft away. A throbbing pain sparked from where my back hit the wall. Later I realised 2 ribs were broken.

My eyes sting as a recall the horrid moments that almost ensued. He tried to rape me. Rape me?! I shuddered. I tried to block the memories out. He didn't succeed but in the end he whipped out a knife as I was running away and nicked my side. It needed stitches so I had to try do it myself.

I clutched my side as I was rethinking the story, hoping my stitches weren't bleeding.

The smell of burning started clogging my nose I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and stared out the window. My brothers were casually strolling back to the car, laughing and joking around, while the small diner I had worked in had begun to catch fire. People were screaming running out.

The doors open and in climb the mafia brothers one either side of me and one sitting in the front, all with an evil smirk on their faces probably proud of what they've just done. Seán pulls me into his side briefly, kissing my forehead and then my temple before letting go.

A loud sigh sounds from the front and Cillian stares at me through the car mirror. "I'm so glad we have you back with us Ellie. But we will be having a long discussion later on your actions. I have thought about it and we'll give you five minutes in your apartment to grab a few things but not a minute longer." The brief softness disappears after the first sentence. He's pissed at me.

I couldn't respond he moves on like it was nothing like he didn't just kill someone, brutally I'm sure, and burn a fire down where people were so busy just minding their own business. The fuck is wrong with my brothers.

Once we reached the complex I took out my keys before moving towards my door on the second floor. I was nervous, my brothers made me a little nervous but mostly pissed off. As I'm reaching my hand towards the door a hand comes in to take the keys from me. On instinct I move away but drop the keys in the meantime. Cillian gives me an unsatisfactory look. I very carefully crouch down to pick them up. I've got to do it cautiously because this skirt is too short and I know they'll get mad at me for that.

Three growls erupt from behind me before the back of my collar is yanked up off the floor by Cillian, so I'm leaning against his back. I can feel the anger radiating off of him.

"What the fuck are you wearing," he whispers in a dangerously calm tone. "Is my little sister a slut? No, she is not. Go inside grab your shit and change."

As soon as I step into my home I can feel my brothers' disgust at my living conditions. Yeah, I know the floorboards are rotting and broken the musty furniture is probably 100 years old and you can sometimes hear mice running in the walls but they don't have the right to turn their noses up at it.

Uncharacteristically I decide to leave it and keep the comments inside my head so I can focus on my mission. This operation involves bandaging my small scrap that seems to be bleeding and making a dash out the window, jumping on the first train to anywhere and lot going back to my original home with my fucked up family.

Operation coffee beans is a go.

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