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"Go back to sleep, beautiful."

Kaycee rested her head on her arm, dozing off into deep thought. Sean's words replayed in her head, over and over again. She could almost feel his lips against her neck, his hot breath whispering sweet words into her ear as the two fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was the start of another school week. Kaycee spent her weekend rehearsing and hanging out with Sean. Nothing about that night came up in conversation between the two, but they both couldn't stop thinking of it.

"Ms. Rice," her professor exclaimed, pulling her from her daydreams. "I haven't seen you write down a single word. These notes will be very helpful on your first exam, which is next week. Do you have anything written?"

Kaycee nodded, beginning to scribble the notes aggressively on her notebook, and prayed she would be able to decipher them later on. Her professor continued with the lecture until class ended, and that meant she was going to see him.

Sean was waiting at his car, as he'd done all week. He leaned against the driver side door, scrolling through his phone until Kaycee's body jumped in front of him.

"Boo," She said, giggling as he looked up and smiled. "How was class?"

He continued the routine, taking the bag off her shoulders and slinging both of theirs in the back seat while they got inside. "Class was good. We just did some group activities."

"That seems fun," Kaycee mumbled, watching students walk by as Sean left the parking lot.

"I made a friend," Sean announced, excitement written over his face. "He invited me to a party tonight."

Kaycee's brow raised in confusion, "Oh yeah?" she asked. "You? Sean Lew? At a real party?"

He rolled his eyes and nodded. "I was thinking about it. I only want to go if you go."

Kaycee shrugged, "I don't know, Sean. You know that's not my crowd."

"Please, Kayc?" he begged, giving her soft puppy eyes. He knew those got to her. "Just for a little bit. I won't even leave your side. I'll be with you the whole time."

"I get nervous around new people like that, Sean. Especially when it's a bunch of guys who are drunk. It's just a scary idea to me."

At the next red light, Sean turned and put his hand on her leg, making her feel the same she did Friday night.

"Kayc, I'll be with you the whole time," he said to her. "You know I'm not gonna let anybody be mean or harass you. If you get uncomfortable and want to leave, just tell me and we will."

Kaycee felt a sense of reassurance from her best friends words, and nodded in agreement to the party. "Fine," she said, making him cheer. "But if it gets out of hand, we're leaving."

"Yes, anything you say," he nodded excitedly. She nudged his hand as the light turned green, making him focus on the road in front of him as he drove.

Sean couldn't wipe the smile on his face as he drove them over to her place, his left knee bouncing up and down. Kaycee noticed and chuckled, shaking her head at his excitement.

"So," she said. "Who's party is it?"

"Some guy that I have for English," he shrugged, taking a right turn. Kaycee only nodded and looked back out the window as she saw the houses they passed by.

They arrived rather quickly to her house, Sean parking his car in front of the house. He took out their bags and locked the car as they made their way to the front door.

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