Chapter 29

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Not So Good News

After a little while, Hoshi sat across from the girls who sat on the couch with Happy on Lucy's lap, Carla on Wendy's lap and Lily on Levy's lap while Juvia just held a stuffed toy of Gray on her own lap. A cup of tea sitting in front of them along with a slice of cake while Happy ate a fish she'd given to him and Lily was enjoying himself with kiwifruit.

"Why didn't you guys call to say you were coming? I could have come and picked you all up instead of you having to catch a taxi" Hoshi asked them as her spirits sat on the other couch.

"We wanted to surprise you" Happy said as he munched on his fish.

"Well, I was most definitely surprised when I saw you" Hoshi smiled gently as she leant back in her seat.

"But still, something's wrong... What is it?" she asked as they all looked at one another then back at Hoshi, all of them looking a little worried.

"Hoshi..." Lucy began.

"Are the others alright?" Hoshi asked, suddenly looking worried.

"No one's been hurt have they?"

"No, no one's hurt... But they were acting strange..." Lucy began.

"Like Natsu was before he went to see you before you left to come here" Happy told her as he looked at her.

"I see... have they been scratching their wrists and around their necks? Just a little bit at first..." she asked, sounding cautious.

"Yes, even Master was scratching... He said it felt like something was around his wrists and neck... Even his ankles" Wendy spoke up as she looked down.

"Then they began mumbling about nonsense... Even my beloved Gray has been acting strange" Juvia spoke.

Hoshi was looking down at the floor, her hands clasped together as her face darkened as they continued.

"I wanted to call you, using the lacrima you sent to see if we could come visit you, but one of the others destroyed it..." Levy spoke before finally noticing how Hoshi was reacting to the news.

"I see..." her voice distant, thinking about her friends back home.

"What about you guys, have you been scratching at all?" she asked them, her head still down.

"No, not that I know of" Lucy answered.

"No" Wendy responded

"Juvia hasn't been scratching" Juvia told her.

"I haven't" Levy said as she watched Hoshi.

"No" Lily told her.

"No, though I don't really understand why" Carla responded as she finished her cake.

"Only the usual places" Happy answered as he sipped his tea, suddenly feeling thirsty.

Hoshi let out a sigh of relief before she spoke.

"I'm glad" she then looked up at them.

"What does it mean if we were?" Levy asked her.

"It means you'd end up being puppets played by an insane man who likes to make my life miserable" she told them matter-of-factly as she looked each of them in the eye.

"I'm going to give you protection charms, please keep them on at all times."

They nodded and glanced at the spirits sitting on the couch, they were looking back at them studying them.

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