Chapter 27

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The Day After

The next day at school, Ritsu hadn't come in so she called up to hear that he had slept in and wouldn't be there as he was still full from dinner and it made him sleepy still. During that time she had been given a job by the chairman of the school board and glomped by Honey-senpai who was inviting her to eat cake with him at the Host Club which she accepted with a smile.

"Yay, let's go tell the others" he exclaimed with a big grin, making her wonder where Mori-senpai was.

"Hey, Honey-senpai? Where is Mori-senpai?" she asked as she gave him a piggyback ride to the Club room.

"Takashi's back in the Club room with the others, I got bored so I came to find you because you said you'd eat cake with me next time, so here I am" he smiled cutely.

"I see" she nodded and smiled, carrying him upstairs on her shoulders and to the Club room which she opened the doors swiftly, startling the Hosts on the other side along with Renge.

"Sup guys" she waved while holding one of Honey's legs gently so he didn't fall backwards.

"H-Hoshi, you startled us" Tamaki spoke, his hand over his chest as he looked at her, just noticing Honey.

"Honey-senpai? So that's where you ran off to"

"Hey, sorry but I wanted to bring Hoshi here for cake" he smiled cutely.

"I see... Mori-senpai was worried about you, he thought you were angry with him again" Haruhi spoke as Honey looked shocked.

"I'm not mad at Takashi, I brought Hoshi here so he could tell us about what happened to his arm as well as have cake"

"Talk about bribery..." Hoshi sighed softly before picking the shorter boy up around his waist and set him down on the ground before ruffling his hair.

"You guys can just ask me questions straight out, no need to try and bribe me or abduct me or whatever you guys do to get answers" she looked at the others with a slight frown before looking back at Honey.

"Go see Mori-senpai and apologise please"

Honey nodded and ran off to find his friend and cousin as Hoshi stood up and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well? What do you want to know?"

"What happened to your arm?" Haruhi asked, jut noticing the bandage on her arm under the sleeve of her shirt.

"I fell yesterday and scraped it pretty bad, stung like hell when I finally noticed it" she spoke as she rubbed her arm lightly.

"Anything else?"

"Someone told us you were with a fellow student yesterday, did he do that to you?" Tamaki asked.

"Ritsu? No way in hell, he wasn't even near me when it happened. I only noticed it myself when I was about to cook dinner last night" she frowned slightly.

"Also, why did my father wish to see you earlier?" Tamaki asked again as everyone looked between the two.

"I was asked to escort some new transfer students around along with their family members, why? Is that a problem?" she raised an eyebrow sceptically, wondering why they kept asking her questions.

"I have questions for you guys"

"Yes?" Kyoya asked, writing in his book.

"Why are you all so interested in me? Is it because I stayed with Haruhi when I first arrived here in Japan or because you don't trust me?"

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