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shhhh dont wake her up. Go get a pot and put some ice and water in there. Who going to put it on her. Me, bitch you dum she gonna beat the shit out of you, but dont say I didn't tell you.

Kd shut the fuck up and go get the water and ice. Stupid ass nigga agg. We all walked in the guess eoom kalie was sleeping in.

1,2,3.... Splash.

What the fuck

Why the fuck yal did that shit. Im bout to beat the shit out of yall. She said running after us.

She didnt go fo nobody but me. When I ran in my room she got me. Why you did that she said as she was punch me.

She got grip of my hair throwing me on the bed. She strong fo a damn girl. After she punched me she went down stairs to go get the rest of them, but stoped cuz someone knocked on the door.

If I know you, yhu would know where the spare key at. I looked up and saw qwan.We walked in with tjis fine ass girl. I see yhu bro, went to a upgrade, and not a downgrade.

Shamilyah. I heard kalie yell. Who the fuck is shamilyah. Me that girl that came wit qwan said. O. Yall know each other. Yeah thats my best friend.

Bitch yo ass finer than wine. Last time I seen yhu, yo ass was skinny, skinny. Wit no ass. Well i changed.

Them to walked off talking bout some shit, that I dont giva a fuck bout

Where yhu meet her at. A concert. I meet kalie at a concert to. Yall together or nah. I mean Im feeling her , but I feel like dhe aint feeling me. And im taking it slow. Mhm thats cool.

Yhu ass want go to the mall. We went yesterday already. And nigga yo ass can go again today. Yall want go the mall. No we went already. And yhu ass can go today like tf.

Nigga who tje fuck yo ass talking to nigga im deack yo shit bitch.
Do it. As soon as qwan said "Do it". She ran in his shit real quick. Damn im just playing. We going to get along real good. Kalie said while still laughing.



Short chapterbut its ok.
Just tryied to write bout SOMETHING

Bye KK

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