"Stay close to your family and don't stray too far away from them, 'kay?" she smiled gently at them as they stared up at her in shock and disbelief.

"Hmm... Here, this should help with the shock..." she then proceeded to pull out a bag of chocolates and handed it to the little girl.

"Be sure to share" she then ruffled their hair and went back towards where she had left Ritsu by the sweet shop, waving bye to them as she disappeared from the groups sight through the cars which were now backed up on the road.


Everyone was mumbling or whispering to themselves or the people around them as they watched the mysterious boy walk away, Tohru hugged Kisa gently, tears in her eyes at the thought of almost losing the two young Sohma's she'd become attached to.

"Kisa, Hiro, are you both alright?" Hatori asked as he knelt down to them, checking them over for any possible injuries.

Kisa nodded, a little shaken up, they all were. So much so that they had failed to notice that the two children had been picked up by a stranger and they hadn't changed into animals.

"Let's get to the house... They need to sit down before they collapse..." Hatori suggested as he looked at the others who nodded in agreement.


Hoshi moved through the crowded footpath until she found Ritsu again, he had his back to her so she tapped his shoulder and he turned to face her, a look of relief washing over his face which had been full of worry moments before.

"Sorry, I had to escort two children back to their family, I didn't mean to disappear on you" she apologised as she rubbed the back of her head, the groceries back in one arm so he didn't get suspicious.

"It's okay, you had me worried there for a moment" he sighed softly to relieve his stress.

"Let's buy some more sweets then head to the house, okay? And I'll make you some tea"

"Sure, sounds good"

The two of them then proceeded to enter the store and buy a large amount of chocolates and strawberry bonbons which she knew the others would love. He watched her from the corner of his eye as she paid for everything and slipped her wallet into the inside pocket of her trench coat.

"How do you have so much money?" he asked her as they were walking back to the house.

"I earned it legally if you were wondering" she chuckled lightly before sighing softly.

"I've been saving up money since I was 5 years old"

"Ah, okay" he nodded as they continued walking until they arrived at the house.

"Th-this is your house?"

"Yep, it was pretty run down when I first bought it so it was cheaper than it looks now, me and my housemates have been doing a lot of work on it to get it looking like this" she told him as she lead him up to the front door and unlocked it, letting them both in and locking the door behind them then removed her shoes and he did the same.

"Wow..." she led him into the kitchen and set the bags onto the bench as she glanced towards him.

"Would you like that cup of tea now or would you like something else?"

"Ah, I don't mind" he responded as he put the other bags beside the first and she handed him a cold can of Coca-Cola.

"thank you"

"Want to meet the others?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes please"

"Follow me" she chuckled lightly.

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