Chapter 26

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Ritsu Kasanoda's Visit and First Encounters

The rest of the week went by uneventful, though Hoshi was unable to pick the twins up from elementary school.

It was the weekend and Hoshi was doing some shopping while in her male disguise with Ritsu at her side, she had called him and asked him he wanted to join her and he accepted, sounding happy to be hanging out with a friend. She wore a dark grey t-shirt under a white button up shirt with dark blue denim jeans and her black boots along with her favourite black trench coat, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

"So, what are you cooking for dinner?" Ritsu asked as they walked along the footpath side by side.

"My famous spaghetti, we need to buy a fair bit because of my friends who live with me. You'll get to meet them when you come over, along with my younger siblings" she smiled up at him as he was still taller than her disguise.

"I can't wait, it sounds like it'll be fun" he smiled back as they went into a supermarket.

She bought what she needed and they left to go find some other items, such as something to make up some dessert or at least buy a lot of ice-cream. She had planned on making apple pies as it seemed to be everyone's favourite back at the house, they stopped by a few more stores and looked around before they had to cross the street.

Once they were on the other side, they were looking through a sweetshop window when the sound of screeching tires caught their attention, Ritsu Kasanoda turned to look back at the road from which they came and noticed a truck screeching to a stop in the middle of the crossroads after a loud thunk, people were suddenly shouting around him about some children being hit by the truck. He glanced around for Hoshi but couldn't find him anywhere.


5 seconds before

She was thinking about buying some sweets for the others back at the house, the screeching tires catching her attention and her head whipped around to face the road, everything seemed to move in slow-motion as she noticed two small children in the middle of the road as a speeding truck was heading straight for them.

Instinctively, she put the groceries in her re-quip space, and dashed out, scooping the children up into her arms and pulling them to her chest as her trench coat flared out, surrounding them as she leapt up, her foot hitting the windshield of the truck and launching them onto the roof where she landed on her back, causing it to make a loud thunk as the two children, a boy and girl to land on her chest.

As the truck came to a stop as she had sent a volt of lightning through the engine with a small lacrima she managed to call from her re-quip space when she had jumped, the three of them then rolled from the back of the truck and onto the road where Hoshi clung the children close.

They had landed between the truck and a car that had been driving beside it, she stood up and checked the children over, seeing that they were both fine, just had their eyes squeezed shut, she then moved to the side of the road where they had been headed and glanced around at the gaping people.

"Who are these children with?" she asked as she then spotted a group of people standing nearby, mostly males and a couple girls, their faces pale and the shorter of the two girls, one wearing an orange cat bag while the other wore what appeared to be a sailor uniform.

"Kisa, Hiro" the girl with the long brown hair called out, fear and worry evident in her voice.

"Don't worry, they're unharmed, just a little shaken up" she assured them and set the children down gently.

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