Chapter 24

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Questions and Concerns

Haruhi's POV

Something was going on with her best female friend, Hoshi appeared to be more tired as of late and she was unsure why. Hoshi hadn't told her anything and Haruhi was thinking about getting the guys to help her figure out what was wrong as her friend was usually cheerful.

It wasn't until a week later when Hoshi had arrived late, panting and had bandaged wrapped around her arms that Haruhi had had enough and went to talk to the rest of the Host club about it.

"Guys, I need your help with something... But you can't tell anyone else about it, especially Hoshi" Haruhi said as she and the Hitachiin twin approached the others in the club room.

They all looked towards Haruhi with a look of concern, beside Kyoya who merely pushed his glasses up on his face, Tamaki on the other hand glomped her and held her close.

"Daddy will protect you from anything!"

"Its about Hoshi, his general appearance lately" Haruhi said as she pushed the older male off of her.

"What's wrong with Hoshi-chan, Haru-chan?" Honey asked her, worried for their friendship.

"He appears a lot more tired lately" Hikaru commented

"And he's wearing bandages again" Kaoru added in

"Not to mention he came in late this morning" they told the others in unison.

"Do you think he's in trouble?" Honey asked as he looked up at the three taller boys behind him.

"It would seem so" Kyoya commented as he wrote in his book.

"mnn" Mori agreed in his usual fashion.

"What do you think we should do?" Haruhi asked them.

"Let's bring him in here and speak with him, get some answers" Tamaki told them as they looked towards him.

"Who should go and get him?"

"Takashi and I can go get him" Honey smiled up at Tamaki before looking at Mori.

"Right Takashi?"

"Yeah" he nodded slightly.

"Thanks guys" Haruhi smiled softly.

Shortly after the two senior boys left the room in search of the mysterious boy known as Hoshi, they found him a little while later on his cell outside, he was pacing and rubbing his face as he spoke in a hushed whisper.

No one's POV

She was on the phone with Tiger, he was telling her the conditions of the dark guild members which she had locked down in her basement in cells, and she'd managed to capture them all over the weekend as she had infiltrated them and took them down before they could sacrifice any more people.

"Thanks Tiger, sorry for the trouble"

"No problem, at least you can sleep better now that the councils coming to get them" he responded as she smiled lightly.

"Yeah, I should go, I have a feeling someone wants to talk to me" she had her back to the two boys but she could feel their gaze on her back.

"Okay, take care Cub" he chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, you too" she smiled before she ended the call and put her cell away before turning and looking at the two boys.

She smiled lightly and waved to them, they noticed the bandages under her sleeves and approached her.

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