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so i finally got around to answering these, sorry for it being late life and depression have been kicking my ass, but it's all better now (thank heavens).

to everyone who asked me questions, thank you so much!! i appreciate every single one of them and i am very grateful that you guys took time out of your day to do so, so thank you once again!!

i. where do you draw your inspiration to write fanfiction for characters/people?

it can come from a dozen different places really, movies, shows, music, or even reading someone else's work and getting inspired to write or to be at a level of writing that they are on. i can find inspiration from quotes and random things i see in everyday life. i get inspired very easily and i'm so happy about that, it's just the following through to actually write and my lack of confidence (at times) to go forward with that inspiration. because i can make books and oc's all day and have the most inspiration for them, but then when it comes to writing i'm just like ???? how??? lmao.

ii. what's your writing process like?

i usually map out/plan out everything i want to happen in whatever book i'm working on. i will open up the notes on my phone and just write down stuff about the oc' and their relationship with whomever and traits and everything that goes along with character development. then i will map out the events i want to take place within the book, they are never in order and i just add to them when i get more or random ideas for said story. and finally i plan out the chapters, only because when it comes to first chapters i am SO bad at them that it helps me to make a list of bullet points i want to make sure i cover and add into that chapter. sometimes i plan way ahead and get to 1-5 chapters planned out and i either stick with them to the t or i add new information in a chapter that i didn't plan and then i just have to go back and tweak a few things in future chapters. it sounds incredibly confusing but it helps sooo much and keeps me on track as to where i want my stories to be and to go.

iii. what's your top 3 favorite ocs you've created?

that's really hard because all of my ocs hold a special place in my heart, even the ones i never did anything with and were just a fleeting thought. but i think i would have to go with lola maxima, because she's my little tragedy case. iris valenti, since she was the first oc i made on this account and even if i don't continue her story she will always be my favorite murder baby. and last but not least, hilana gilda, because amongst many of my ocs she does not have the best life and i honestly feel bad for wrecking her world lmaosj. (also, the person who asked me this question wanted to know if i'm excited for ahs 1984 and girl,,,,my bones are quacking for it already ok i am soo ready and pray that they put our king in a crop top because it's a travesty if they don't!)

iv. how do you come up with such amazing graphics, and do you have any tips for anyone who is insecure about their writing?

ok, so far the graphics one it's honestly not that easy at times lmao. like i can open up photoshop and want to make covers and just have no ideas. or i'll have an idea open it up and then it won't come out the way i wanted it so then i'll scrap it and move on or be a depressed hoe and not make covers for weeks until i feel like doing it again lmao. it really depends on my mood or how much effort i want to put into making something. because graphics can take me up to five hours or more to make. so it's a job for sure when you want them to be perfectly how you envisioned. but also taking inspiration from graphics you see other artists make also helps. i know there's a lot of amazing graphic makers on here who i wish i was as talented as and just seeing their own works of art inspires me to make my own, wether that be original or taking inspo from theirs, with their permission of course. it really just depends. some days my graphics are a hell yeah and others they are a hell no. lmaooo

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