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His malicious eyes peer at you, dark and intense, contrasting to the white mask he adorned.

You stand there for a while, your mind trying to figure out whatever the fuck was going on.

''Okay, you got me. I have to admit, I'm impressed. This prank was played out so well I thought it was real for a second!'' you laugh, but stop when you notice no one else was laughing with you.

The other masked figures hiding in the shadows had disappeared, leaving only you, Lisa and the tear mask guy. Lisa was still standing there, a creepy smile on her face.

''Okay, jokes over. Who the hell are you?'' you demand, raising an eyebrow. ''What drug did you give her?''

With a single minded intensity, he is staring you down, taking slow strides towards you.

''What the hell are you doing?'' you ask, undeterred.

''So many questions...'' he says in annoyance, his voice deep but smooth. When he comes closer, you notice his pupils dilate, eyes unusually captivating.

But there was an emptiness to it, hidden beauty, like a gem that needed polishing.

His arms protrude out of his cloak, elegant and slender fingers reaching to grip your neck. ''Fear me ''

You feel the cool surface of what seemed like a ring collide with your skin, alluring eyes boring into yours.

''Why is there a black tear rolling down your mask? What does is symbolize?'' you ask, interest piqued as you stare at his mask.

His eyes narrow into a glare, fingers tapping at your neck dangerously. His pupils dilate again, and a spark suddenly flashes through his orbs.

You blink, unfazed. ''Your eyes are beautiful, but am I meant to be intimidated?''

His masked face tilts in confusion, fingers tilting your chin as it slides against your skin. ''...why?''

''Why what?'' you ask, beginning to grow impatient.

''Your mind is refusing to be compelled. Do you not fear me?'' his melodic voice demands, calm but deadly.

The arrogant superior glint in his eyes pissed you off. ''Compel? Fear?'' you scoff, grabbing his arm and slamming him against the wall.

His eyes widen beneath his mask, surprised but not intimidated. ''How about you show me the pretty face beneath that mask...'' you whisper, fingers reaching forward to flick it off.

A soft, dark chuckle escapes his lips. ''You're an unusual one...'' his fingers now grip your neck, threatening to squeeze tighter. ''you're not scared, huh?''

''kinky'' you choke out, your hand ghosting over his as he holds your neck. ''I wonder what else those fingers can do..''

Your fingers trace along the peculiar ring on his finger, a bright crimson gem engraved into it. ''oh, what's this?''

He lets go and you cough slightly, only to see his cloaked figure with his back against you.

''Lisa'' he chimes, and she tilts her head immediately. ''you can go home now''

You watch her comply obediently, skipping away happily until she was out of sight.

And then arching his head back for a moment, his eyes lock with yours, curiosity exuding out his dark orbs. The trail of the dark tear disappears from sight as he turns back around, and when you blink once,

he's gone.


After that mysterious unknown guy disappeared, you searched around for Lisa but she was nowhere to be found.

So you headed home, now wrapped in your blanket as your fingers hovered above your phone. You gave Lisa a call, but she didn't pick up.

Wait, where the hell was Kai?

You ring him too, but to your dismay he didn't pick up either.

A big sigh escapes your lips, curiosity rampaging through your viens. You had so much questions, and the more you thought about it, the more it fascinated you.

Compel? The masked guy was glaring through your soul, to compel you?

Is that why Lisa acted so crazy? She was compelled?

You bite your lip, your train of thoughts showing no sign of halting. Your eyes flickering over the previous texts with this 'unknown' guy, you decide to do the unexpected.

You call him.

The ringing vibration escalates the tension in the room a level higher, and you find your heart swirling in excitement.

This guy was...dark and mysterious.

And you liked it.

After a couple of rings, to your surprisement he actually picks up.

''hey bitch''  you grin over the phone.

He remains silent.

''Why aren't you talking? Pussy''  you urge, the silence bugging you.

''...pussy?''  his deep voice questions, and you almost spontaneously combust on the spot. You had to admit, his voice was fucking beautiful.

''want some?'' 

A deep, sexy chuckle reverberates through the phone. ''you really have no idea, do you''

''pardon?''  you ask, confused.

''Look outside your window''

Heaty blood pumps through your system in excitement, wondering eyes flickering to the window in an instant.

And his tear white mask greeted you, his arms draped around an unconscious Kai as he held him captive.


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