Chapter 3

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Get up minsters, is time.
That stupid Butler shook us awake.

Leave... I started

Us ! Ethan ended

Minster up ! He shook us once again. This time we threw pillows on him.

STOP ! He yelled

OUT OF OUR ROOM ! We both yelled.

He sigh but stomped out of the room slamming the door.

We both laughed. This house is gonna be fun, I thought.

After we took a shower and got to our normal clothes.

We were eager to curse trouble.
Hey Nathan catch me if you can ! Ethan shove me on the floor running out. I chased him.

Stop running minsters ! Weston screamed but we ran pass him. Laughing and throwing curse words.

I spring up and landed on Ethan's back, knocking down a Golden statue of wolf.

Oopsie ! We both said

What have you done ?! Weston half yelled.

Nothing just a little broken statue I defended.

Yeah, not a big deal ! Ethan said as we got up.

Who did this ? The soft voice echoed in the hall, and we turned to see our dad with the bitch.

We both huff, rolling our eyes.

It was a mistake sir, they- Weston was cut off by our dad raising his hands to hush him.

Are you responsible for this he looked at us.

Yeah, Ethan said

But is not a big deal just a foolish broken statue ! I spat

SLAP ! The next thing was a slap and I was on fire.

HOW DARE YOU SLAP ME ?! STUPID ! I yelled and everyone gasp except Ethan.

He grab my wrist, I'll teach you a lesson, his voice was calmed but threatening. With that he started pulling me.

LET GO ! IDIOT ! I tried breaking free but we was too strong.

LET HIM GO ! Ethan ran to me grabbing my other wrist, but Weston pulled him.

I heard him screamed.

NO DON'T SEPARATE US ! I yelled still struggling, he dragged me up the stairs.

Loan ! He called and the teen that took our bag ran to us bowing.

Yes Master !

Prepare the silver room ! He ordered, while the teen half nodded and he left.

YOU ARE STUPID, FUCK YOU ! LEAVE ME ! I WANNA SEE ETHAN ! I screamed trying to pull my wrist from his hands once again he started walking, we stopped in front of a room.

Is ready sir, the boy said still bowing.

He opened the door and pushed me in before shutting it. The room was dark but it contained SILVER ! since we were born we never went close to silvers, it hurts us, aunt Mirabel and mum knows so the don't have silvery things.

I began feeling, weird and my head hurts, without talking about the annoying whistle. Tears welled in my tears.

Open ! Am sorry ! please ! Let me out ! I tried screaming as tears dropped down my cheeks. I collapsed. Then the door was swung open. I was pulled out, but he was not there just Weston.

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