Chapter 8 - The Timeskip

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-Continued from Angela's Birthday Party-

Back at Angela's 8th Birthday party, Momoko has just been sent home from fighting with Jacob, another eight-year-old boy who was also at the party.

Angela was very sad and angry that Momoko was sent home and thought it was unfair especially since Jacob had started on her first.

She went up to Jacob and said to him, "What you did was very wrong Jacob! Momoko didn't do anything to you!"

Jacob looked at Angela strangely and told her to shut up and that she had it coming. This angered Angela even more and pushed Jacob over and he started to cry.

Jacob's mother had just arrived to pick him up from the party and came over to where all the children were playing and saw what had happened to her son, she was not happy and demanded to see Angela's Mother. After giving Angela's Mother a big earful of shouting and how her child has been bullied, her and Jacob had stormed out and left the party.

After everyone had left the party, Angela's parents had grounded her for two whole weeks of playing with her friends after school. They also strictly forbade her to see Momoko as they thought she was a bad influence on her Daughter. So, they did something that would deeply sadden Angela and made her move location so Angela and Momoko couldn't see each other ever again.

-Present Time-

"Ahhh, please tell me all about it Momoko-chan!! What happened when you went into the medical room? Please tell us!!"

Chiharu was pushing Momoko to tell her and Aina all of the details of what happened in the medical room between her and Angela. Momoko had given in and decided to tell them what had happened with a grin on her face.

"Ok, I'll tell you everything!" Momoko took a deep breath and started to speak.

Momoko had told them about how she and Angela had met previously when they were kids at Angela's birthday party and how they were forbidden to see each other again.

Momoko had suddenly stopped talking as she saw both Aina and Chiharu had tears in their eyes.

Aina quickly wiped her eyes with a smile on her face and went to hug Momoko...Momoko was taken by surprise but hugged her back. Chiharu also had a smile on her face and was happy that Momoko and Aina were getting along much better than when they were first friends.

Chiharu spoke again, "So, tell us? Are you going to see her again? I mean outside of the Dojo?"

Aina broke the hug from Momoko and nodded in agreement with Chiharu. Momoko looked at them both and smiled at them and then began to speak again.

"Well, actually I am meeting her tonight at her house...just me and her for dinner..." Momoko said shyly.

Chiharu and Aina's mouths dropped open at the shock of what they had just heard, Chiharu then made a small joke about it.

"Wow...I didn't know you were the type to move in so fast Momoko!!" Chiharu and Aina started giggling and Momoko pouted at what she had just heard and then couldn't help but laugh.

"You need to tell us all of the details after your date tonight, ok Momo-chan?" Chiharu said in a confident and exciting voice.

Momoko went bright red at Chiharu's comment.

"A But this is just a meetup!"

Aina butted in and spoke in a calm tone, "What are you talking about Momoko-chan? This is definitely a date, otherwise, she wouldn't have invited you alone at her house...for dinner, right?"

Chiharu looked at Aina and then back at Momoko. "Aina is right, Momo-chan! She wants to get to know you better after the missed years you've had's only natural that this could actually lead to somewhere...if you know what I mean?" Chiharu winked at Momoko playfully and Momoko blushed again.

The three girls laughed and had continued with their shopping.

-Later That Night-

It was 7.30pm when Momoko arrived at Angela's house wearing a beautiful flowery red and black Kimono, her hair had chopsticks in a bun to hold it up, she had a red rose lipstick shade which showed her gorgeous lips and she looked truly magnificent. As soon as Angela had opened the door, her jaw fell from the shock of how stunningly beautiful Momoko was and she suddenly became warm and bothered.

" come in..." Angela was struggling with her words and really tried hard to keep it together.

Momoko smiled sweetly at Angela and commented on her dress she was wearing. Angela was wearing a pretty white dress that showed off her stunning legs. Momoko was mesmerized by Angela's light darker skin complexion and felt like she was in a dream world.

"Wow!! look so beautiful..." Momoko said shyly.

Angela blushed, thanked her and smiled at her.

"I have cooked Italian food, I hope you like Italian food Momoko?" Angela said a bit nervously.

It didn't take Momoko long to reply and gave Angela a big smile.

They both sat down at the table with two candles lit and it looked very romantic. As soon as Momoko saw the table, her jaw dropped and then smiled happily.

"I love it, Angela!"

After they had both eaten their food, they were still chatting. They found that they had so much in common and then the subject of love came up.

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