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Pippa's P.O.V.
"Good morning." I walk downstairs into the kitchen to find my parents Denise and Paul at the dining table.

"Good morning honey. Sleep well?" My mom greets me.

"Could have been better." I respond. I open up the kitchenette to grab a bowl and some cereal. I open up the fridge to get the milk.

"Are Kevin, Joe and Nick coming over today for their music session?" I ask hoping they will.

"No. Sorry honey. They are practicing in the studio." Dad says.

"What? We haven't seen them in months!" Frankie exclaims. I look over to see him on the last step of the stairs.

"That's not true Frankie. They were here just the other day." Mom defends the boys.

"While we were at school, yes." Frankie points towards me and himself. "I wonder if I'd recognize them after all this time." He adds.

"Frankie!" Mom seems shocked by his attitude. I'm not. I agree with Frankie.

I haven't seen them since Christmas I think.

I've missed them on dad's birthday and I missed them on mom's birthday, which was only last week.

Apparently for my mom's birthday, they went over to Kevin's place. Kevin is 25 and lives together with Danielle.

Joe and Nick are 20 and 23. Both moved out of our parents house a few years ago.

Both started focusing on their solo careers from their apartments in the city.

I texted all three of them regularly, but I barely got any responses back. I think the most recent response I got was from Nick about four months ago.

They are all really busy and I understand. I really do. We were a really close family. I miss them. I really really miss them.

I don't have my permit yet, otherwise I would have taken Frankie with me to see them a long time ago.

I wonder why they don't come see us. Don't we mean anything to them?

I know I can recognize them if I see them. I follow them on social media. Social media and pictures from mom and dad are the only way left of seeing them.

Frankie misses them too, but he stays strong for me.

He's found me crying while trying to fall asleep multiple times. He always stays with me to make sure I'm okay.

I feel like a crybaby. I mean, who cries over not seeing their brothers? I'm 18 years old. If someone were to cry you'd expect it more from Frankie. He's 12 years old.

But no, he keeps himself together. Frankie is not one to cry very easily. Neither am I, but I just feel like I lost my brothers. Even if everyone tells me I didn't.

No one gets it. I used to tell Nick everything. I spend almost every night in Joe's room because of my nightmares. I always asked Kevin for the elderly brother advice.

He might have been written off as a dumb one, but Kevin is actually really clever. He always knows what to say.

Nick is the only one who can read me like an open book. I don't even have to tell him, he just knows everything. It makes it very hard to lie to him.

I'm not so sure if he still can if we are to see each other after all this time of not seeing each other.

I guess I will figure it out when I see them.

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