Chapter 1

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"Simon. Simon Lewis."
He turned around to see a tall, thin girl walking towards him. She didn't have the build of a shadowhunter, or even a candidate for ascension. Simon realized with a pang that she reminded him of who he was before introduced to the shadow world, with her blue rimmed glasses and dorky sweater that said Be bold or italicized but never plain. She had shoulder length golden blonde hair, and a kind smile.
"My name is Naomi Herondale. I know what you've been through, Simon. I was an Iron Sister once, tasked with looking over you and your friends. You don't miss being a Daylighter, I know that for a fact. The urge to hurt people, your family rejecting you, you don't miss any of that. But what you do miss, is belonging, being a hero. Being someone special and amazing and part of something important. You worry that you will never be that person again. But let me tell you something, you already are that person. All this time you've been trying to be that person, when in reality you already are. You always have been. You get to choose who you are, not Agramon. He thinks that he will cause you heartbreak but show him that he has only improved your life. I, as a former demon, know how that will discourage him."
"You were a Herondale?" Simon asked. "Jace..."
"I know about your blonde haired bundle of ego. Yes, I will speak to him."
"You are a Former demon?" Simon asked. "You've been a demon, an Iron Sister, a Shadowhunter, anything else I should know about?"
"I have been many things, Simon Lewis. But an idiot is not one of them. I can give you your memories back if you desire." Naomi stared at him with her strange multicolored eyes. "Otherwise, I will return to being a, whatever do you call them, 'mundane', and never hear from the shadow world again."
Simon just stared openmouthed, confused by this strange person and her ideas.
"I started out as a demon. Life was darkness back them, endless despair and hate. Then, I met a young boy named James Carstairs. He threw something at me when I was fighting him, a hair ribbon, belonging to Cecily Herondale. I thought it humorous to keep it, and then James ran away. Later, Jace Herondale stabbed me with Glorious, causing all my evil to melt away. I would have died, if not for Cecily's hair ribbon, which nurtured whatever good was in me and let it grow. Then, I was a shadowhunter. They were quick to reject me, nobody wanted a demon, even a former one in their angelic midst. I was different, and you know how shadowhunters will take something different and shun it. I became an iron sister, until I was stabbed by glorious again, and turned back into a mundane. A human."
"You said you could give me my memories. How? Only Agramon or ascending would give them back to me." Simon was very confused.
Naomi smiled at him, and it was an almost pitiful smile. "I can give you back your memories. After all, I was the one that took them. I was Agramon."

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