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(Matured Content.)

Jennie POV
It's already evening and Lisa and I are going to watch a movie that she wants.

"Honey, come here in downstairs, pop corn is ready and the movie too." My hubby said.

"Okay, I'm coming" I said while fixing my clothes.

When I go downstairs, I saw her wearing pajama outfit with teddy bear design on it.

"You look good in that outfit hon." I said then I pinch her cheek.

"I thought you can't reached me." she said while laughing. I hit her arm and she know that I'm mad now.

"Sorry honey." she said and hug me.

We sat at the couch and we play the movie.

She's happily watching, then suddenly she suddenly got shock when I sat at her lap.

"What are you doing?" she ask confusely.

"Sitting at your lap?" I said.

"Yeah I know that your sitting at my lap, but why are you sitting at my lap, this couch have more space but why did you choose to sit here?" she asked.

"To seduce you." I straightly said and she smirk.

"Stop smirking" I said and she smirk again.

"Or you just want to make out tonight?" she said while smirking.

"What? Stop dreaming" I said.

Then I felt her face burying at my shoulder, then she whispered at my ears softly.

"You've nice ass baby." she whispered and its make me have a goosebumps.

I stand up and I glare at her.

"Stop being maniac hon." I said and she walk closer to me, then I'm walking backwards.

"We're Married now, and we can do this if we want." She said.

When I step backward again, it's the dead end. Lisa hold my right hand and she pin my hand to the wall.

She attack me by those hungry kiss and I respond to her kisses. Then our tongue sync in.

Then she went at my next, she start kissing my neck, and I can't stop moaning. Fuckk.

When she's done in my neck, she went down, yeah in my breast, before she remove my bra, someone knock at the door  in this late.

Lisa stop when she heard a knock and smile at me.

"Sorry honey, someone is disturbing us, lemme go there, wait me here, okay?" she said and start to walk, i grab her arm and she look at me.

"Why?" she asked confusely.

"Don't mind those knocks, let's continue what we're doing." I said, I don't know why I say those words.

"I don't know that you w-" I cut her off by kissing her.

I hold her head and I start kissing her, When I'm done kissing her, she remove my polo and remove my bra.

She push me to the couch, and she remove her clothes in top too.

Then she went on the top of me, she suck my nipple and I start to moan again.

"Ahh" I moaned.

"Honey, If I'm hurting you, just tell me okay?"she said then I nodded.

She took off my clothes in under.

" Open your legs. "She said.

Before I open my legs, someone call me at my phone.

" Wait" She said.

She stand up and she pick my phone.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's unknown number honey." She said.

"Don't answer it if it's unknown." I said.

"Maybe it's important." She said and answered it.

Lisa POV
I answer the phone call and his voice is kinda familiar.

~At The Call~

"Hey Babe, Please let me explain all of my mistakes, I'm back now, I'm in front of your house, go down here, let's escape here, I'll promise I won't leave y-" I cut him off.

"Stop bugging my wifey, I know you guys are secretly have relationship, and you hurt her, you look someone else when you guys didn't break at all, why don't you stop bugging her, she's good now." I angryly said.

"Why are you holding Jennie's phone?" he asked.

"We're just doing something, so stop bugging us, we're busy." I said and I end it up.

"Who is it?" Jennie asked.

"Your ex boyfriend, you need to put your clothes now, I don't have appetite to eat you now." I said and I put up my clothes.

I went upstairs and Jennie follow me.

Then she grabbed my arm, I don't know why.

"What honey?" I asked.

"Can I sleep with you?" she asked, I think she wants me to comfort her maybe.

"Okay." I said and she enter my room.

When I came in at my room, I saw her sleeping.

I smile and I lay next to her.

I hug her and I whispered at her.

"I Love You Honey." I said and I sleep.

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