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"Are you guys ready?" I asked as I stood in front of my warriors.

"Yes Luna."

"Don't forget the plan, just pop up and grab them, bring them here Luci and I will handle the rest." I informed. This was part of the plan I put down, the first step is to leave the Rogue Alpha without an army.

Luci and I were able to put a blockage around the house that not even his so called witch could notice. He was a fool to still remain in the same place he was after kidnapping me. We have to work fast and since we have enough warriors to get the work done. We made a chain that would be able to make them teleport, the magic in it will let them go unnoticed and would also lead them to those they would capture, it won't last long but it would last long enough to finish this mission.

"We are done." Lia chirped from where she was seated. I looked there and saw they have completed the task assigned to them which is to make the voodoo dolls which we were going to use to trap the dark spirit possessing them.

"Are you guys ready?" I asked looking at Grayson. He was leading the group today and I had complete faith that they would end up successful. We have delayed a lot and it finally time to put an end to the evil threatening us.

"We are, we leave at your command." He said as he walked towards me.

I nodded then looked towards Luci "Are you guys ready?" I asked her. During the past week, Lia had become stronger in her magic and we were able to teach her the spell to use when trying to trap a dark spirit into a voodoo doll.

Knowing we would have a lot of bodies in our care, Luci contacted some of the witches she knew and they were all glad to help us. They also have been threatened my the Rogue Alpha and his witch, turns out he has also been kidnapped helpless witches.

"We are ready Dawn, just give us the go." Lia answered while the rest nodded.

"You know we have to be fast right? Or else this would be a disaster." I said.

"Don't worry sis, it will work out." Drew said as he stretched his hands.

I sighed as I felt a soft breeze around me with a whisper of soothing words and I couldn't help but smile.

"We do this now and we come out successfully, we rescue our brothers and sisters that have been claimed to a fate they had no say in. Don't forget the plan and let the chain in your neck lead you. We will be waiting for your return. Move out." I yelled while they all howled in approval before they started disappearing.

Almost immediately as the disappeared, they started reappearing again with people fighting in their arms looking terrified not knowing what was happening. The entire field has been enchanted so no one leaves or enters except those who had the chain made around their neck.

As people started showing, we witches started chanting, drawing the black spirit out of them and trapping it in a doll. It was actually fun cause one of the dolls stood up and tried to run away but it was thrown back when it hit the invisible barrier that was made. Like I said, no one leaves.

This process went on and on for hours as I monitored the movement in a mirror that I places beside me. I was also glad to see that the Rogue and his witch don't know what his going on, hell they are both sleeping like a log. That's good.

After about two more hours, everything became peaceful again. No disappearing people, no chanting witches, no screaming captives.

When the last doll was sealed, I set fire to everything immediately not wanting to prolong the process cause it was obvious everyone was tired.

The people we stared to deliver started waking up "Where are we?" A woman asked, she looked scared out of her mind.

I smiled at her "What is the last thing you remember."

She thought for a while before looking at me "I was at my pack house when I suddenly heard a noise, we were attacked by the rogue Alpha and a slimy looking witch, they brought an army with them. I remember trying to run to shelter but I blacked out after then."

"When was that?" I asked her.

"Well the day was 12 August 2017." She answered.

People gasped "Today is 5 July 2019, you've been captured for almost 2 years." Lawrence said.

I noticed the people starting to panic so I spoke up "Alright I don't want anyone to panic, I want you to follow Lia and Mia." I said pointing to them "They will take you inside, Food will be given to you and a place to stay and take care of yourself. I will call a meeting another time to discuss the issue on ground but as for now, everyone should relax." I reassured before turning around and heading inside the palace. That rogue will regret everything he has ever done.

Oh my God guys, we are almost at the ending and though I feel like drawing it further, I just feel like let me just end this and know it is done so I can focus on other stories.


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