moonbli? winterwatcher?

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I doodled the love triangle

Who do you ship??

I low key ship qibli (??) and winter

Moon seems very not attracted to either them

Moon seems very not attracted to either them

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I love the way I drew winter. Spikey boi

I couldn't get moon to look right to save my life so that's what she looks like now

Does anybody else just get super annoyed with moon throughout the second series?? I do she just irritates me

Why do you trust this scary voice in your head??  Why do you keep everything a secret to protect yourself, but then get everyone else hurt??

I just don't really like her lol

Anyways immma doodle blue, cricket, and sundew later.
[comment other characters! i'm thinking about doing the dragonets]
[[minor characters would be cool!!]]

These were fun to do :P

- Kondi

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