Chapter 23

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Welcome to the Family

The walk home was quiet as she usually walked with Haruhi but she had Club activities that day. She ran the rest of the way with her mobile in her hand so it would fall from her pocket, her keys jangling at her side with her house keys already in her hand. She let herself in and locked the door behind her before returning to her normal form and changing her clothes before she headed downstairs to where she knew everyone else was.

"Welcome home Cub, good day at school?" Tiger asked from where he sat, reading the newspaper with Usagi looking over his shoulder at it.

"I suppose, until I found out 'he' bought two curse dolls from Nekozawa-senpai and possibly wrote my name on the back of both..." they looked up at her at that and Usagi ran to her side and hugged her gently.

"Don't worry, we'll protect you Master" she told her.

Hoshi smiled softly as she ruffled her hair gently.

"I know, you do know you don't have to call me Master, right? You can call me Hoshi"

"You know what she's like, I doubt she'll change anytime soon Cub" Tiger told her with a small smirk.

"Young one, you're home, welcome back" Tatsui smiled as she approached them from a white door with a red cross on it and the word 'Infirmary' below the cross.

"Thank you Tatsui. How are they?"

"They look like they may wake soon"

"I'll go see them, I'd like to be there when they do"

"As you wish" she smiled gently.

"Don't worry, I promise to do my homework down here" Hoshi told her as she set her bag down on the bar countertop which had been built in a couple days before.

"My lady, you have mail" Draco called as he approached from the elevator, a bag in one arm and a small stack of letters in the other.

"Ah, I forgot to check, thank you Draco" Hoshi smiled as she took the letters from him, most of them being bills or promotional pamphlets while some were actual letters.

Thomas approached them with two bags in his hands.

"Did you guys go shopping?" she asked as she looked at them.

"Yes, clothes for the new house-guests and some other items" Draco told her with a smile.

"You know you didn't have to, but thank you for that, your all always thinking ahead of me, aren't you?"

"Not always" Phoenix told her as he brought out a tray of food from the kitchen which had also been installed recently.

"But we do try, considering"

"I'm not that bad..." she pouted as they chuckled softly at her.

"I'm going to go and check on them" Hoshi smiled gently as she then walked to the infirmary.

She was shortly joined by the others and Tatsui set out the different clothes for the two of them while Hoshi checked on their conditions. A noise of disturbance caught her attention and she walked to the ashen grey Exceed who had shifted in the bed, he then yawned softly before stretching and curling up into a ball, causing Hoshi to smile softly.

She approached him slowly and lightly felt his forehead to which he opened his eyes and looked up at her.

"Hey, remember me?" She smiled warmly at him.

"Hoshi...?" He asked softly.

"Yep, what's your name? You never got to tell me" she spoke gently as he sat up slowly and looked around, noticing the others in the room and clutching her hand.

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