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Third person POV.
Solar and her boyfriend, Eric Nam were walking through the forest at midnight.
"Why are we here babe?"Solar asked.
Eric pushed Solar and she fell on the ground.
"Ouch my leg!" Solar said and looked at her hurting leg.
"We're here to have some fun, princess..." Eric smirked.
Eric took off his belt and tried to took off Solar's shirt.

Suddenly, someone flashed around Eric and Solar, she stopped right behind Eric and hit him on the head.
Eric was knocked down.
She leaned down to suck his neck. After a few sec, she stood back up and her mouth was left with a few drops of blood. Her eyes were red.

Solar POV.
I looked at the vampire girl in front of me. She has beautiful long grey hair, she also wore an oversized black hoodie and ripped white jeans.
"Plea..please don't hurt me..." Solar kneeled down to beg her.
"Don't worry, I will only hurt bad guys... by the way my name is Moonbyul. I will bring you to my house, then I will treat your wound on your leg, it looks pretty bad. You can also stay for a night if u want, to let your leg to take a rest." Moonbyul said then carried me with bridal style.
My heart was pounding like crazy, I haven't be like this since I date Eric but now I feel so shy and I can feel my face heated up.

After a few minutes, we stopped in front of a fancy house built with dark wood.

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