Chapter 22

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Nosy Hosts and Questionable Behavior

The next day, when Hoshi met up with Haruhi so they could walk to school together, the slightly shorter girl almost panicking as soon as she saw the bandages on her arms and just under her shirt when she stretched her arms above her head. Hoshi had to calm her down each time she began asking her what had happened to her, but what she wasn't expecting was when she ran into the Host Club during free period.

"Hoshi-chan!? What happened to you?" Honey had asked when he noticed them, the others turning to look at the sound of his voice.

Hoshi grimaced inwardly as she was suddenly tackled by Honey as he preferred to be called and the two twins along with Tamaki, all of them knocking her to the ground before she laughed softly at them. She smiled softly as she sat up and lightly ruffled Honey's hair.

"You guys have so much energy..." she gave them a childish grin, something she had learned from being in Fairy Tail for so long.

"Hoshi, what happened to you? Did you get into a fight?" Tamaki asked as he gripped her shoulders while staring into her eyes.

She smiled gently and put her hand on top of his head.

"Relax, I'll be fine in a few days Senpai. Besides, I fell down the stairs back home"

They stared at her, well him, as she gave them a reassuring smile before she was suddenly lifted off the ground, two hands under her arms as she was set on her feet before a hand landed on her head, she looked up to see Mori looking down at her, he smiled lightly at her before looking towards Honey.

"Mitsukuni, we should get to class" he spoke in his deep voice.

"Ah, we're going to be late to class too, come on Hoshi" Haruhi grabbed her uninjured arm and dragged her along.

"Okay, see you guys later" Hoshi waved back to the other Host members as the twins raced after her and Haruhi before she was dragged around the corner.

"You know they consider you as a friend, even if you aren't part of the Host Club" Haruhi told her as they almost ran to class, avoiding the lingering students in the hallways who cast them curious glances because of the bandages Hoshi wore.

"I consider them friendstoo Haruhi, even if our first meeting wasn't on the best of terms" she chuckledlightly before stopping to a walk, grabbing Haruhi's arm to slow her as theyentered the room and went straight to their seats.

Classes seemed to fly past until it reached lunch time and the Hitachiin twin basically dragged Hoshi to the club room with Haruhi mouthing sorry at her as she followed behind them, students looking on in curiosity, both at the bandages and the fact the twins were dragging her by her arms. She had been too stubborn to follow them so they had decided to drag her instead, ignoring her protests.

Eventually they entered the club room and released her after turning her to face the other Hosts who were sitting at a table with Renge.

"Hi..." she greeted them, confusion evident in her voice and on her face as they turned to look at them.

"Ah, Hoshi, Haruhi, so glad you could make it" Kyoya spoke as he barely glanced in their direction.

"We wish to discuss something with you both"

Hoshi's face went blank as she watched them skeptically whist Haruhi spoke.

"What's going on Kyoya-senpai?" she asked him.

"Its about Hoshi's recent internet searches..." Tamaki spoke, appearing a little shaken up.

"Why are you looking through my computer history?" Hoshi asked, a frown forming on her face.

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