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The stain of blood on the floor had never been his favorite. He quickly scooped up Cara in his arms, staining his shirt in process. She was losing blood, quickly. The knife that protruded from her stomach made him want to kill Edward.

He knew nothing about caring for a stabbed person. He quickly ran down the stairs with her in his arms and prayed to the Gods above that she would survive. She must survive.

He placed her gently on the seat and started the engine. He glanced at her deathly pale face and revved the engine and in no time, they were in front of a large mansion. He threw the car door open and ran to the door and pressed the door bell multiple times.

After about two minutes, an extremely annoyed man opened the door. His strawberry blonde hair was tousled and his eyes were half closed.


"You're no son of mine," the man answered.

"Well you're a surgeon and I need your help," he replied and rushed back to the car and lifted Cara. The man took an intake of sharp breath and quickly ushered the boy in.

Lucius Walker knew he would die if she left his world.

Edward leaned on the bars of his cell. He was broken. Too broken to be healed. His plate of food was dumped in the corner. His body was bruised and a throbbing headache made the matters worse.

But he could think of one thing. Just one thing. Cara's safety. He knew his look alike would never waste a second to kill her and now that he was in the jail, his look alike had a free reign to kill her. His one and only.

He gripped the bars and placed his forehead on it, its cool touch calming him. If only he had killed his look alike when he had had a chance. Caramel would have been next to him. Cecilia would have been alive. Brian would have been happy. His parents would not have thrown him out.

Cara was the only person he wanted. The only person who made his life a mess. But, deep down he knew he would never hate her for it. Never.

Brian's nerve wracking sobs never ceased. Elijah tried his best to console him only for Brian to push him away. Elijah knew how close they both had been. Losing Cara right after losing Cecy was dreadful. Elijah wiped away the tears in his eyes and continued to watch Brian.

Losing the girl who made Elijah laugh during his depressed moments, was like carving a piece of himself. After all, she had been his best friend. He still remembered the day when he had run to her for help in asking his first crush out. He reminisced all those beautiful moments and their plan of taking Brian for sky diving one day. Brian loved heights and they had prepared this secretly for him. They had even worked out all the details for the plan.

But, losing her was never a part of the plan.

Brian downed his ice cold water and stared at the half finished painting. He looked better in it than in real life. Her brush strokes were excellent. The colourful painting seemed to mock him. He could not take it anymore.

He rushed out and Elijah followed him.

Don't think about it.

There was no body for proof.

She might be alive.


Caramel opened her eyes, slightly. The harsh light made her groan and close her eyes again. Someone squeezed her hand gently. She controlled her breathing and winced as she took a deep breath and the pain in her stomach seemed to tear her apart.

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