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The coronation week was fun but it was finally time to get to business and be serious about the pending destruction we didn't want to witness.

"A year ago I had a vision about the war and what I saw was not good. Shedding blood of anyone isn't something I want even if that person is a rogue cause trust me, they are not there on their own.

The Rogue Alpha has an army of wolves, vampires and witches all under the control of black magic placed on them by his evil witch. The celebration on the day of the blue moon was to let them know we weren't falling for their plan which was to have us at the battle line then attack the pack in out absence so he can have more followers. Knowing no one wants to be under him, he captures them and puts them under the control of black magic.

He is even so disgusting that he put his own son under the influence cause he didn't want to be evil. He had 'captured' me months ago but we all know I went willingly just to get answers. I found out that they were trying to break the bond between me and Gray so I can mate with his son and we all know that anyone that mates with me will be king." I explained.

"So he wants power?" One of our head warriors asked.

"Yes." Case spoke out "Before we became rogues, my dad was stupid enough to challenge the Alpha of our former pack which led us to be kicked out. I remember always fighting with him but one day, it was as if I just blacked out. I wasn't in control of myself again, he made me capture people and it went on and on until I met my mate.

I had an inkling not to tell him I found her cause I felt he would do something bad so I didn't. It wasn't until I met Dawn who told us about his plan as she was planning escape. She freed us from the bondage and since I knew what would happen if we stayed, we went with her." Cade had really worked hard to become one of the warrior leaders. His dream was always to become a pack warrior and fight alongside his pack mates but his dad had always controlled him. Prisci on the other hand made a lot of progress with the women in the pack and she was more humble than I remember.

"Well since we all know his plan, here's what we are gonna d-" I stopped half way when I felt a strange aura. I saw Lia shiver knowing she felt it to but not as strongly.

Luci walked through the door and nodded at me. That woman is really strange. She stays in the other part of the palace but she just suddenly appears when something is wrong. She really needs to teach me how she does that.

"You are very very nosey rogue, sending your slaves to spy on me while in a meeting on how to destroy you so you can know our plan. Very very naughty are you." I suddenly said mysteriously. Those around looked around to see who I was talking to but they couldn't, the person isn't here physically.

Seeing as I caught her, she tried to escape but I chuckled. Clicking my tongue together I tsked "Ah ah ah, where do you think you are going?" I asked the little witch who was trying to wake up to reality but the truth is that her steeping into this room in the first place was a mistake.

"You can't leave so don't even try, you are trapped." I laughed as Luci handed me a voodoo doll. Pointing towards where the witch who came to spy in spirit is, I started the spell Luci taught me. I felt her fighting my spell but she was too weak and in the next seconds, I had her trapped inside the voodoo doll.

I chuckled as I stared at it "I'm sure when they see you not waking but they would know the big mistake they made." I said to her knowing she was able to hear.

I handed the doll to Luci who nodded with a proud smile and I couldn't help but smile knowing I learnt from the best in this aspect.

Facing the waiting crowd, I smiled "Sorry about the interruption, where did I stop?" I asked as I leaned both hands on the table in front of me to support my weight.

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