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Back here now king was the prince in the age of learning. Well, he learned like any other prince-politics and was skilled in every field, but he didn't want to enclosed in one place and learn particular things he instructed to learn. He wanted to know how the world work, gaining information from other is like having everything in plate ready. He wanted to be an explorer become adventuresome.

There was a grand celebration that day, the birthday of Prince Joseph; he was going to turn 25. Many guests have arrived in the grand palace, which included many kings, queens, fairies, angels, witches, wizards and even gods.

By the warm welcome and hospitality the god of marriage -Hymen impressed so much that he bless prince to be wedded to a responsible, beautiful and resourceful queen.

Well it is non-predictable but standing with friends and thinking about something else, prince does not able to stop himself looking curiously to Hymen.

Looking at the prince one his friends Adam asked "If you are not going to ask, then don't blame me for trying, your highness."

There was sudden silent for a moment, Prince Joseph looked at him and then he started walking toward Hymen.

He was suddenly stopped by Marcus "Are you sure about that."

"Yes."was his sure answer.

"He was just joking Prince, you shouldn't take that serious." said Louis.

"Well, there is no harm in asking." said Peter.

Looking at the curious Prince and debating friends Hymen walked toward them and murmur, "I know that why are you looking at me so curiously, I know you want to ask me about the blessing I have given to you, but why aren't you asking. That's so strange, isn't?" he asked prince melancholy. That make prince rather more curious. It's like Hymen see through the prince.

There was dead silent in the atmosphere.

"I'm going to fill my glass." said Louis.

"Yeah, my glass empty too." Gulping down all of the drink Adam state.

"Mine too." said Marcus.

"Same here." Said Peter. All of them said at once and leave without looking behind.

Prince Joseph start to picture Hymen in his mind. He didn't before, but now he looked at Hymen eyes, that was deep blue like it would engulf whoever enter in it. His body was buildup so strongly, it nearly looked like if anyone have any impacts with him that surely cause them to collapse and fall, maybe more. His attire was like any other God present there, but with more elegantly. That can only be aspect from Hymen himself.

As the prince's friends left him there alone, Hymen asked prince "Where were we?" there were sudden rush of adrenaline and then prince concluded with simple answers, "You are gods, who knows everything, about us. I know you have thought good of me. And there will be reason behind it." Prince stated firmly.

Smiling at the prince he said, "There is no doubt that you will become great king one day. As for now, you are seeking adventure that is great thing. However, your father did not want this for you so is your mother. But there will be adventure you remember the most."



Day passed away but there was no indifferent. There were same people with same place and same dialogue "Your highness".

The prince started doubting the words of Hymen.

Roaming in the outskirts of forest with friends, he encounters some strange voice of animal coming from the forest.

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