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I booked my self a ticket to London which was where Billie was preforming and I also got me Gawa and Prince tickets to her concert they were almost sold out but I managed to cop 3 so we then packed our bags and aboarded our flight.


I land in London with prince and Gawa it was completely different environment change but shit was lit I book us all hotels and we all chilled in my hotel until it was time to start getting ready so I shooed everyone out and hopped in the shower and threw my clothes on.
After I called them and we went out to eat for lunch


2 hours later we head out her venue we even bought meet and greet passes because I thought it would be funny a couple of fans noticed me but I asked them to not let Billie know I was here.

After waiting like 20 minutes in line it was finally my turn to see her I walk up and hugged Maggie and said hello to Patrick before finally getting to Billie

"Que?" She gasps
"Oh my God Que!" She runs and hugs me
"I missed your ass" she said
"How and when did you get here?" She asked pulling out of the hug
"I landed this morning so my sleep schedule is fucked up.."

"Aww poor baby" she says sarcastically
"I'm with Gawa and Prince just so you know so they finna do up right after me" I explained
"Oh my God ok well you guys can come to my green room I just have to finish my meet and greet."
"Okay mamas"

"Wanna take a picture?" She asked sarcastically

"Can he do that pose where you bend the fan over just in reverse so I'm bending you over" I smirk
"Shut up you know we couldn't do that here."
"Yeah you right but I am gonna do that to you later though." I smirk licking my lips
"Can't wait" she quietly said biting her lip

"Okay dude you gotta go because your holding up the line" her bodyguard says
"Aight thanks man"
"Wait so just stand to the side with my mom and so that you can get into the green room" Billie shouts

I stood next to Maggie and she hugs me
"It's nice to see you again Brandon" she smiles politely
"It's nice to see you too Maggie"
"She really needed you she's been pretty down but she loves the show which is good"
"Oh damn that's really sucks to hear." I said lost for words

"Anyways Patrick can take you to the green room"
"Oh um okay" I said unsure
"Patrick" Maggie waves over to him
He walks over and greets me with a weak smile
"Can you take Brandon to the green room?" She asks
"Sure honey" he said leading the way

"Patrick I-" he cut me off
"Look Brandon I get it I know you didn't cheat on Billie or nothing but she can't be staying over at your house" he said serious
"Remember she's only 16 and she has things to do I don't mind her going over but not the whole night especially because she turns her phone off." He continued

"Also if you're the one who's giving Billie those bruises or what's it called hickey" he paused
"Am I hip yet?" He said sarcastically
"But anyways if you are you have to calm down because her manager has been pointing them out and it doesn't look to good, personally I don't care what she does but management said she needs to focus on her career"

"Yeah I understand sir, sorry" I said as he opened the door to the green room soon leaving me
Nobody was there so I was alone in this room with chairs and vegan snacks yuck I personally prefer my non-vegan shit but it's whatever so I sat down on the couch and scrolled through Instagram

A few minutes later Billie comes in and sits across from me putting her head on her head

"Hey beautiful" I said looking up at her
"Hey Que" she giggled
She got up and sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder
"There's still so many more days" she sighed
"I know mamas" I said rubbing her back

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