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"I can't tell you anything about her" I say honestly.
He looks me straight in the eyes, examining me.
"I haven't spoken to her in years"
My eyes make their way around the room, noticing every gory detail.
"Even if you can't provide information." He thinks for a minuet. "You might just be a good encouragement for her to show up"
"Haz" he calls the blue eyed boy over. "Show her to her room, and keep a close eye on her"
"You can't keep me here" I say.
"Oh but darling I can." He says, walking towards the door. "Don't think of trying to escape, or I'll put a bullet between your eyes myself"
The guy he called haz, Unties my arms and legs. He notices my trembling body and gives me a small smile.
"He wouldn't actually hurt a girl whose done nothing wrong" he says as I stand up. He's much nicer, still intimidating, but nicer.
I follow him out of the dark room, up some stairs. He opens a door and bright lights hit my eyes.
Shutting the door behind me I see we're in a long hallway, brightly lit, and lots of doors lining the walls.
We walk down the hall and he opens up a door to reveal a huge room.
"Here you are" he says.
My still trembling legs make their way into the room and I look around at the expensive interior.
"Get yourself situated, dinners at 6pm. Don't be late. The boss isn't very happy when people are late" he says quietly before leaving the room, shutting the door behind him.
I look in the large mirror on the wall, my face bruised and red from getting knocked out earlier.
Everything starts setting in, I feel my head get dizzy and I sit back onto the bed, letting tears slip my eyes.
What did my sister get me into?
Theres a knock on the door and I roll over on the comfortable bed to face the door.
"What?" I say.
"You didn't eat dinner" the familiar voice says through the door.
"Yeah don't really have an appetite" I say, a hint of sass in my voice.
Haz walks in the room without warning and I roll my eyes.
"You know an attitude like that will get you killed around here darling" he smirks.
"Go for it" I simply state causing him to roll his eyes back at me.
"You've gotta eat" he says.
"I don't have to do shit" I say back to him.
If he was going to hurt me, he would have done it by now. So I'm not taking his shit.
"Don't get too comfortable with that attitude, or something might just happen to you" he warns.
"Here's the this haz" I say sitting up. "Your big boss man that runs this place? He obviously doesn't want me hurt. Because I'm 'valuable' to this dumb ass fued. So you won't do shit"
His face went from smug to disbelief at my sentence, crossing his arms over his chest he lets out a heavy sigh.
"Fine, do what you want. But tom won't be so nice" he says and leaves my room.
I stand up and walk over to the window, opening the curtains, there's still a bit of light out since it's summer. I see we're several floors off the ground. The house is huge, and extremely secure, seeing security cameras everywhere.
I wait hours. Walking around my room. Trying to figure out how Amelia managed to hide this from me. From everyone.
It's 1am and I quietly open my door, looking both ways to see if anyone was up. The hallway was lit but it was silent. Everyone must be asleep.
I slowly walk down the hall, keeping my steps as light as possible not wanting to wake up a crazy man that'll stab me.
The hallway turns and I follow down the corner to see even more doors, one at the very end that's a double door with gold handles.
"Must be where the stairs are" I whisper to myself walking towards the door. I need to get to know every floor of this place so I can escape.
I put my hand on the knob and slowly turn it, opening the door and turning my back to shut it as quietly as possible.
"What the fuck are you doing up?" I hear a voice say and I jump, turning around to see this wasn't leading to a staircase or another room, but to an office with a very angry Tom staring at me.
"I- I-" I stutter and struggle to get words out which causes a smirk to grow on his face. He enjoyed my anxiety.
"You didn't eat dinner" he states.
"Well when you get kidnapped and tied up, and threatened with a knife you don't really have a great appetite" I say.
"Kitchen is downstairs, go around the corner, first right." He says.
"What? No threats? No attempting to scare me?" I ask.
"As much as I love seeing how much I scare you" he smirks. "I'm too busy trying to figure out where your sister and dad are"
"M-my dad?" I ask wide eyed.
He raises an eyebrow at my comment and shuffled through his papers.
"You know this guy?" He asks, holding up a picture of a man.
I look at the picture for a minuet.
"He looks familiar"
"Well Olivia, meet Kenneth Larson, he's your dad. And the former leader of the mob your sisters apart of" he says.
My eyes stay wide in confusion.
"What the fuck" I whisper to myself.
"I need to get back to work, go" he demands and I turn around without a word and leave the room.
"Little bitch" I mumble to myself as I shut the door.
"I heard that" he calls out and I roll my eyes before going around the corner to the staircase and going down to the kitchen.
It's huge, the marble counter tops, the chandelier hangings, everything was gorgeous.
I open the fridge and grab some food before sitting on the counter top and eating, looking out the large window at the view.
This place isn't so bad right now.

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