A Message from VioletEden - 2018 Poet of the Year

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For me, finding the Pub was a magical moment.

The journey that began with my first post on Wattpad, through the first entry at the Pub and this message I type, is doted with countless achievements. Personally, that's enough and more to make someone like me happy. I never expected to gain any readers at all, or make friends online in a huge place like Wattpad, where one can get buried under popular and favored writers. Connecting with the Pub got me in touch with so many amazing people. I began experimenting with writing thanks to the monthly contests at the Pub. I was quite active in the early days before real life took me away. The Pub accepted me, poor writing skills and all and the best part is, I felt accepted. I knew someday, I would feel myself growing in my art. And I did! It took months, years to feel the change, but I did. I don't say I am an awesome writer with great skills (oh please) but I can say with enough confidence that I have improved in my writing. Again, thanks to the Pub.

There is no such thing as a perfect writer. We are constantly learning, trying to improve, and most of us can't help but feel all shades of insecure, at every stage of writing. Going down the personal road, I have a writing job. It's part-time, but whatever. I am supposed to write every day. And alas, it's not the kind of writing we do on Wattpad, but it's writing nonetheless. It's stressful and it's time-consuming. But I enjoy it because writing is what I do, and writing is my first love. So there is a general misconception that if you earn from writing, you shouldn't feel insecure, but I say, bull.

I never stopped battling insecurities, it's always there.

My point of saying all this is, each time you make an attempt to write something, anything at all, a six-liner, a short story, or a ballad, you have tried. And trying is the first thing you need to do. If you don't try, if you are not willing to flex your writing muscles, you are going to feel withered within. You start believing writing is an impossibility. I catch this disease when I take a hiatus from my job. I can be an intolerable person to live with. Since I feel strongly about writing, and when I don't do it for some days, I get withdrawal symptoms. My lack of activity on Wattpad is mainly because of my job, but I am always writing. I feel less insecure when I am writing and I feel the most insecure when I am not writing.

I don't know if I make sense, but my advice is, keep writing. Never stop writing.

I can't be sure, but I have a feeling my daily writing had a lot to do with my poetry on Wattpad. I know I WAS NOT expecting a win in the monthly contests at the Pub, but they are always fun and engaging. I enjoy taking part in the monthly contests. Imagine my surprise when I won last May, and then in the last week of BCE and gosh, I actually missed an entry in the Poet of the Year 2018 contest but I won!

Oh God, I won.

I couldn't believe myself when that happened! It was the biggest honor and accolade I have ever received. I may have won numerous writing contests in school and college, but they paled in comparison to this epic win! It was amazing. My 2018 couldn't end on a better note.

And for all that the Pub has advertently and inadvertently done for me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I am way late for the party but doesn't matter if I am late, the Pub has always held a dear place in my heart. The folks here are such darlings, I know I look forward to meeting them if there ever would be a day we could all connect in real life. I am so proud of the Pub, for the long way it has come, and I am so thankful to the Pub, for all the good things and good people it brought me, and I am so happy for the Pub, for having just turned four!

Happy birthday, PoetsPub!! May you live long!! May your light keep shining and may it help a lot more poets to find their way to the shore!!

I also want to thank the amazing Bill and Miss Myna for being the pillars of this community and for providing neverending and beautiful inspiration. Can't thank you enough, but you guys are amazing!

Long live the Pub! :)))))

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