Start of the Day

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"Someone weak is just as strong only it's shrouded"

Through the cracked windowsill, the sunlight inched its way across the veins of the wood floor. It eventually crept up the bed, shining on a lump of pillows and bedsheets. BEEP BEEP BEEP... Dark, empty, a vast space of nothingness slightly revealing the sound of an alarm.
The lump of sheets and pillows shifted, revealing a drowsy figure. She reached over and slammed her hand on the alarm clock, trying to find the off button.

"Shut up stupid thing," She sleepily groaned.

After turning it off she stared at the ceiling, not wanting to leave her warm cozy bed.

"Breakfast is ready." Her mom called up from down the stairs.

She got dressed in her everyday outfit, a white crop top with blue ripped jeans that reached half-way up her stomach and down to her ankles. She wandered down the steps hazily while her mom put the food out on the table.

"Mom, I don't have time to eat, I have to go to school or I'll be late!" She said in a snappy voice.

"Amber, school isn't for a while, you can eat first."

Amber rolled her brown eyes, which were obviously inherited from her mother. She was thin, which complimented her long ebony locks and olive skin. Amber shoveled bagel bites into her mouth and chewed loudly, trying to make a point to her mother. Amber's mom blatantly ignored her attempt and hummed loudly, blocking out her daughters loud chewing. Amber grumbled to herself and finished eating rather quickly. She grabbed her maroon backpack and her favorite jean jacket on the way out of her house. Her mom looked at her and waved goodbye, to which Amber disregarded.

Amber slipped out the door and smiled to a boy standing a little ways away. He waved awkwardly to her and grinned back, making his round glasses almost slip off his freckles nose.

"Hey girl Hey!"

"Ugh Natalie, you scared me," said Amber with a squeak.

Natalie began to pull Amber away trying to ignore the Quirky boy.

"What's up with him?" Asked Natalie.

"He's a new neighbor of mine. I don't know why but I'm quite fond of smart nerdy boys."

Natalie's long ginger hair swayed next to Amber as they continue to walk to school.

"So I was thinking of dying my hair pink"

"Why!" Said Natalie as she lifted up a lock of Amber's hair. "You'll damage it."

"My hair is strong. It'll be fine. Plus a lot of people at this school have colorful hair. It's a trend you know."

Amber and Natalie walked up to the school merging with the crowd of kids as they entered the campus.

" OK class, settle down. Now, you and I both know that it is a requirement to join a club. You have a week from now to find a club and fill out this form."

The teacher went around the class placing each paper on the desk. As soon as they were all passed out everyone began to talk for the last five minutes of class.

"Hey Amber, I was thinking of joining beauty club."

" Me too but I'm still unsure. Definitely need to think about it."

The bell rang as everyone rushed out of the classroom, Amber being last.

" Amber, can you quickly run to the engineering class and give them this."

The teacher handed Amber the leftover stacks of the club forms.

"Where is it?"

"Upstairs, down the hallway, and to your left."

Amber sighed as she walked out of the room. She opened the door to find out that no one was in the classroom and the lights were turned off. There was a blond haired boy standing in her direction. He was tall and wore a pair of glasses and a pink broach in his shirt. His hair looked a little damaged.

"Is this the engineering room?" Asked Amber.

"No, it's next door."

"Haven't I seen you around before. What's you're name again?"

"It doesn't matter," he said in a modern tone.

He reached out for the doorknob cracking the door to exit. "Amber, don't trust anyone at this school."

Something clanked on the floor as he walked out the room closing the door behind him.

"Wait, you dropped your pin..."
she paused to see the empty hallway and silence filled the air.

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