"Cotton candy," DJ said.

"Birthday cake," Monique said.

I got a shot glass, put some sprinkles around the rim and made Monique a birthday cake shot. Then, I got another glass, put some cotton candy in it, then poured vodka on top of it. The cotton candy melted and they just looked in amazement.

"There ya go," I said giving them their glasses.

They both took their shots and I waited to see if they liked them.

"That was different," DJ said, "but I liked."

"Me too," Monique said, "you did always throw the best parties Bri."

"Thank you. I do my best," I smiled.

While DJ, Monique & I were talking, my surprise for Jennifer came into the kitchen.

"Hey Briana," he said, giving me a side hug.

"Hey! I'm so glad you could make it," I said to him, "Jen, your surprise is here."

She came in the kitchen and when she saw him, a big smile spread across her face.

"LaMichael, what are you doing here?"

"I know it's your birthday and Briana invited me here," he said, taking her hands in his, "happy birthday sweetheart."

He kissed her cheek and hugged her. Monique and I had the cheesiest smiles on our faces because they are so cute.

"Thank you so much," Jen mouthed to me.

"You're welcome."

They left the kitchen and went into the living room. I love seeing other people so happy.

"You throw good parties and you're the best gift giver; is there anything you can't do?" Monique asked.

"Keep a guy happy."

Shit! Did I say that out loud.

Monique & DJ both gave me sympathetic looks and that's not what I wanted. I don't want people feeling sorry for me because I don't deserve it.

"Who wants another shot?" I asked so they would stop looking at me like that.

I made them some more shots, hoping it would take their mind off what I said and thankfully, it did.

After I got them to forget about me, we started having fun again. I haven't enjoyed myself this much in a while, but it didn't last long. I felt this presence behind me and I was kinda afraid to turn around. When I did, I saw Blake and I was kinda annoyed.

I turned back around to look at DJ & Monique and they had the guiltiest looks on their faces.

"What are y'all trying to do?"

"He misses you Bri," Monique said.

"Y'all should talk," DJ said.

"We've done enough talking."

"Hey," Blake said when I turned around.

I walked out of the kitchen and into my room. I grabbed Bailey, closed the door and locked it. I lied on the bed and thought about how my mood was ruined so quickly.

As I sat in my room, I decided to start packing my suitcase. I'm going to New York tomorrow and I just know this trip will be good for me. While I was packing, my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and saw that it was no one but Colin.

me: what?

kaep: well hello to you too.

me: sorry.

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