Chapter Forty One

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Major time skip, yes MAJOR:

Yeah, it's been two years living in Italy. After explaining to my uncle the situation and my decision to stay with Marcello, he had a heart attack. An actual literal heart attack. He spent the following month in the hospital.

Of course, I felt guilty. It's not every day your niece decides to live with an Italian mafia boss.

I ball my fists nervously, chewing on my lip as I sit on the seat connected to the vanity in Marie's room.

This is the day.

This is the day I've been getting prepared for since Marcello proposed to me seven months ago.

We started going on daily picnics to the pond he'd taken me to, so, I thought it was just another picnic. Turns out, it wasn't. There was a ring involved. Some crying maybe. Not from me, of course. Marcello is the one that shed the tears.

Okay, okay. It was me that cried, but I swear his eyes were really watery too.

But I couldn't stop the tears. I mean, how could I when a grown man gets down on one knee, and proposes to me with a peanut butter pickle?

Yes, you read right, he cut a pickle in half, covered it in peanut butter, and put a ring inside.

And that's why my ring possesses the smell of a pickle.

But hey, I sure as heck ain't complaining.

"Brimmy!" Marie and Lucy bursts into the room, interrupting the silence.

"Hey, guys!" I grin, turning around to face my two closest friends.

"Heyy." Lucy responds excitedly, wiggling her eyebrows.

"We're here, as requested by the bride." Marie says with a joking smile.

"Well the bride also wants you to hurry your butts up and help her with the rats nest she calls hair." I say with a wink, turning around as Marie and Lucy step forward and begin to work on my hair.

Once my brown strands are put into an elegant bun with little pieces escaping to shape my face, I slip into the sleek white dress. Its fabric is like silk, and it hugs my torso, then starts to fluff out at the waist. Crystals develop patterns around the hem, and I take a moment to admire the dress.

It really is beautiful. I had Marie and Lucy help pick it out, as well as Grier, who is a fashion diva. His boyfriend chipped in too, offering his opinion. We'd all come to the decision that this dress is absolutely gorgeous and is all of our dream dress.

"Brimmy?" A familiar voice asks from behind me, sounding a bit choked up.

I turn, my dress swishing with my movements. A wide, happy smile forces its way onto my lips as I surge forward as fast as I can, and dive into my Uncle's arms.

"Uncle Benny!" I exclaim, wrapping my arms around his neck and burying my face into his shoulder.

When I asked him to walk me down the aisle, he cried, then he prepared his flight down here.

He pushes me back, holding my shoulders to study my dress.

"You look beautiful, Brim." He says, his voice raspy.

"Thank you." I grin, ignoring the tear trickling down my cheek.

"No crying! You're gonna mess up your makeup." Marie says, making it as a joke, but I can tell she's serious.

"Noted." I laugh, dabbing at the dampness on my cheek.

"We better get going." Uncle Benny says, grabbing a hold of my arm and exiting the room, Lucy and Marie following.

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