Chäptër Twënty-Ëight

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Evangeline's P.O.V

"Come on Cayden! They're catching up!"

"Dominic hurry your sorry ass up!"

Me and Faith were yelling at both the boys by now, our hearts beating as quickly as the hooves of the horses.

Cayden's arms were tightly barred around my waist to grab the reigns whereas Faith was clinging to to Dominic from behind, her arms wrapped tightly around his torso. I couldn't help but notice how she seemed to be enjoying his touch as much as I was enjoying Cayden's. Despite the situation I smiled slightly.

The wind whipping through my still damp hair and the feel of Cayden's touch was enough to make me feel like I was flying.

But then, of course, there were the numerous amounts of horses with fully armored riders blazing behind us, the sound of their clanking armour sending my raging heartbeat into an even faster rampage.

Cayden's forearms flexed as he gripped at the leather reigns, his jaw flexing dangerously before he cast a quick look over his shoulder. I watched in horror--and a hint of amusement-- as Dominic did the exact same action before whipping at the reigns.
Brothers, they definitely were.

"Faith, shoot the bastards!"

"Angel, now's a great time to set their asses on fire."

Both Cayden and his brother spoke at the same time but neither paid any attention to the other.

I wanted to question how he knew of my magic, but I refrained and instead shook my head, my actions mirroring Faith's only a little ways from us.

"No Cayden! They're still my men. I won't harm them while they're simply doing their job."

His arms tightened around me but he didn't object; instead he pressed his heels into the sides of Arions haunches. Arion flew forward on a burst of energy as the brothers expertly maneuvered the horses through the trees, a few of the guards getting stuck in the brush of the forest. Everytime Cayden would swerve right, his brother would mirror the action to the left, their movements amazingly synched beyond definition. I watched in amazement as they seemed to work together without any words, from their expressions and the ticking if their jaw, to the way they ride the horses.

We ran through the trees, the brothers ignoring each other while still minding the other enough to trick the men behind for a simple maneauver or even just out running them.

But no matter how well they ride or worked together, a good dozen of men still trailed us and the sound of a whistling arrows caught my attention.

My head swiveled around over Cayden's bicep just in time to watch it fly right past my nose and bury itself into the leaf strewn dirt right in front of Arions hooves. They were shooting.

Cayden snatched me back to be guarded by his body with a firm yank, a low growl rumbling in his chest and sending vibrations through my back.

Anger began to boil in my blood as they continued to fire, Dominic and Cayden struggling to dodge the shots while avoiding brush and trees at the same instance. A few times, when Cayden or Dominic would fail to dodge, Faith would miraculously knock the shot from the air with her own arrow with extreme precision. When she couldn't handle them all, I would force some from the air with my magic, an invisible field shoving them from the air. I didn't want to worry about how much energy it was taking for me to preform such a simple task.

To make it more complicated, I was struggling to see around Cayden and spot the arrow quick enough to know when to push them from the air.

Cayden must have noticed my lack of breath and sagging shoulders while I flicked my wrist once more, knocking two from the air in one shot. A sound of splintering wood sounded to our right as Faith knocked another from the air and even planted one in the calf of one of the men.

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