The Trouble Duo-Arya Stark x Reader

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SPOILERS FOR SEASON 8!!! Enjoy! Sorry, it might not be my best work.


Flames rained from the once blue now gray and black skies. The Red Keep crumbled under the intense fire along with the rest of the city around it. The large black and red dragon rounded back on the people of King's Landing as I jumped to avoid a loose board falling. I try to breathe in but the ash of everything around me, I don't want to think about what, fills my lungs, sending me into coughing fits.

I force myself on my hands and knees and stumble to get up. I grab a pile of rubble next to me and stand for a second before seeing across the way a girl. She moved slightly and blood was running down her face from the way she was laying.

I hurry as much as I can to her side and I lower myself to her. Her chest rose a fell softly and I shook her shoulders, her face completely covered in ash, soot, and blood. I give her another shake and her eyes open as she gasps desperately for air. She begins to cough and turns on her side, pieces of concrete falling out of her hair.

"We've got to go. Here." I stand up and she looks at me before nodding and taking my hand. She stares at me with a shocked expression and tries to speak but her throat was too hoarse for anything audible to come out of it so she started coughing again. I furrow my eyebrows as a deep, loud crack shakes the ground. We look up to see the tower in front of us begin to crumble as a long and wide split raced up its side.

We look at each other, panicked and she grabs my hand and we sprint as fast and far as we possibly could. More people followed suit but as the stone hit the ground, we fell together, barely making it. The people behind us weren't so lucky.

I could hear her grunt and look at me again, the same surprised expression on her face. She almost spoke as we heard voices next to us. The room was filled with people; men, women, and children. All of them as terrified as us. The frantic loved ones huddled as some of the children were crying quietly.

The girl stood and walked slowly to a mother and her child. "You can't stay here," She whispered. Where have I heard that voice? "You have to keep moving."

A woman to the side spoke, "We can't go out there, everyone out there is dead."

She shook her head, exasperated, and yelled, "If you stay here, you'll die." She sighed and stood, pulling on the mother's arm, "Come with me." Once they all stood, joined by me, she commanded, "Follow me!"

We walked into the sun and the galloping of horses could be heard coming closer. "Dothraki," I whisper to her, remembering the rumors about the dragon queen's army I had heard in the months before this disaster. Her eyes widen and she looks behind her to the approaching threat. She sped up but the mother and daughter got separated from us and the girl fell. I grabbed her arm to help her up and we turned back to the woman. People weaved around us as loud bang echoed through the empty air along with the girl screaming for her mother.

She looks at me and opens her mouth only to hear a screech come from behind her. The dragon came roaring down toward the street we were in. We jumped into action and pulled the mother up. "Get up." We holler as the woman screamed from pain and had to be dragged but wouldn't go far.

The woman grabs her daughter's hand and gives it to me, falling. "Take her!" She exclaimed through a strained voice. I nod and begin to try and drag the little girl, but she refused to budge. I wrap my arms around her waist, but nothing would do and the dragon was getting closer. The child ran back to her mother with an ear piercing scream and I go to try again but the girl with the familiar voice grabbed my arm and pulled me.

The dragon's figure became larger and larger along with the fiery red waves coming from its mouth. We fall as the flames around us blur everything. Both my vision and my other senses lessened as intense pain floated my body through my arm and I was thankful for the freeing feeling of sleep.


A surging pain woke me up all the same as it did when it made me pass out. I gasp as the burning intensified and my eyes shot open to see that girl, blurry as my vision adjusts to the sudden light. Once I could see at least a little clearer, my eyes widened and I gasped, not from the pain. "Arya?"

All the stuff that was on her face was lesser and her features became more apparent in my mind. She smiles softly, "I didn't think you were still alive." She smirks as she ties the bandage around my arm tightly.

I grunt and huff a laugh through clenched teeth, "Likewise." I sit up with her help and she stops messing with the cloth on my arm and sits in front of me. We sit in silence just listening to all extra noise far from where we were. I stare at her tiny sword and remember when we were back at Winterfell, safe.


"Please tell me you're going to King's Landing with us." Arya sighed as she walked through my door and sat on the chair at my desk. I laughed and gestured to me packing my back. She smiled softly and nodded, "Thank goodness. At least I'll have a friend there."

I put in some more of my clothes and close it once I finished. "What do you mean? Sansa's coming too."

"She doesn't care about anything I do. She wouldn't be fun." She kicked at the floor as if there was something there. "With you going, we can hang around each other when our fathers are busy."

I smiled and nodded, "That will be fun. With going down there, Father and Lord Stark will most likely be busy a lot with the King." I glanced at Arya but had to do a double take as she is holding a cloth that I didn't realize she had. I pointed to it and her smile spread even farther across her face.

"Jon. He gave me a sword." She whispered as she unsheathed it. The blade was thin and small but fit her so well. "I want to train with it while at King's Landing." She scanned the shining metal up and down, pride filling her expression.

"That's amazing," I picked up the sheath and handed it to her, "Though you might want to put it up before my father walks in." I chuckled as she rolled her eyes playfully and sheathed it.

As if on cue, my father entered the room and smiled at the sight of us together. "Of course," He laughed, "The Trouble Duo." We smiled at the nickname we had gotten since we could walk and mess things up together. "Darling, we are about to leave. Arya, your father wants you in the carriage as soon as you get your stuff ready." With one last smile to us, he took his leave.

"I'll see you outside," Arya said, giving me a quick hug and smile before exiting with her tiny sword.


"How did you escape?" I grunt as she moves my unburned arm over her shoulder and helps me up.

She sighs going into a quick version of her story for the past few years. Once she finished she looked at me, "What about you? We thought everyone that was friends with Father died."

"They did." I sigh and she gives me a confused look, "Father died with the rest of Lord Stark's men in the throne room and I got out through the underground tunnels we ventured through as children." I shake my head at the thought, no tears flowing but the same empty feeling in my chest whenever I would think about it.

"I missed you." She whispered as we approached the remains of the Red Keep, soldiers everywhere, lined up in rows. "So much."

"I missed you too." I smile to her and she stops to hug me. I tighten my grip with my uninjured arm and almost tear up at the fact that the Trouble Duo was finally back together after so, so long.

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