Last One- Scene 8

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*Scene 8*

Scene starts with Demi with hood and hat on and Demi and Joe shouting and arguing

Demi: unbelievable

Joe: what

Demi: after all that, that's what you say, not "oh Demi are you ok, what happened are you ok" wow just wow

Joe: oh, I'm sorry I've never had to deal with this situation before (sarcastically almost)

Demi: still! you should be supportive! Just because I want to do something and you don't want me to, doesn't mean that I'm not gonna do it

Joe: I never said that but you shouldn't flip out just because someone tells you something surprising

Demi: so, I'm not allowed to feel now, wow (sarcastically)

Joe: oh, for fucks sake this is just ridiculous

Demi: well this wouldn't have started if it wasn't for you

Joe: and it wouldn't have carried on but you always take things to far

Demi: ha says you

Joe and demi carry on arguing until finally

Joe: oh, for fucks sake this is just stupid (pulls down Demi's hood and takes off her hat)

Everyone quiet

Demi: and you wonder why I get carried away. well you've seen it now, happy?

Joe: I have no words

Demi: as usual (mutters)

Joe: why did you do this

Demi: cause I was pissed at you

Joe: surely that's not the only reason

Demi: why then. Why do you think I shaved it all off for? Huh?

Joe: how should I know

Demi: you should know but oh yeah you don't care

Joe: I never said that

Demi: but you implied it. You know or at least you should've known that I wanted to shave off more

Joe: oh, I get you went over the line. Are you gay now then?

Adele: (whispers to Ethan) he should not have said that. She's gonna flip.

Demi: fucking unbelievable! You don't understand, do you?

Joe: obviously not

Demi: I swear to god if you say anything like that ever again, I'm gonna actually kill you. Just because a girl shaves her head don't mean she's gay! Seriously get your life together

Ethan: (whispers to Adele) yep he's dead

Joe: well you could actually explain yourself instead of shouting

Demi: don't tell me what I should do. This is your fault anyway.

Joe: you're the one who shaved her head, not me. I actually liked your old hair but it'll take ages to grow back to how it was

Demi: you like it so much, take it.

Demi runs upstairs to put all the cut hair and the ponytail in a bag

Demi: there you happy now

Joe: of course not, we're arguing

Demi: well if you're not happy then we shouldn't be together

Joe: Dem just calm down. You're just overwhelmed

Demi: don't tell me to calm down. Sorry Joe but I'm breaking up with you. I can't handle all the stress. Goodbye Joe.

Joe walks out of Demi's house with the bag of hair

Adele and Ethan quiet

Ethan: can I go as well to talk to Joe

Adele: yeah, I'll look after Demi you look after Joe

Ethan also goes out of the house

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