Chapter 7 - Momoko's Reunion

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-Momoko's Past Continued - 8 Years Later-

Momoko was sitting at her Mother's bedside holding her hand while lying the top half of her body on the bed fast asleep. Her Mother had fallen seriously ill due to lung cancer, she was in the last stages and her time was almost up. Her whole body was very weak and pale due to her illness.

Momoko's Mother was already awake and staring at her daughter with a somewhat sad look upon her face. Momoko had finally awoken from her sleep and saw her Mother looking at her. They both smiled at each other.

"Hey!" Momoko spoke quietly but clearly. Momoko's Mother replied to her Daughter. "Hey!"

They stared at each other for a few seconds before both of their smiles began to fade.

"Momoko...I..I'm sorry...You deserved so much more...please forgive me...I wish I was a better Mother to you..." Her Mother was struggling to get her words out but also determined.

Momoko's tears started to slide down her cheeks.

"Mother...please don't blame yourself! You only did what you knew was best for me and I wouldn't be the person I am now if it wasn't for you...I forgive you...and I love you..."

Momoko's tears started to flow from her eyes heavily as her Mother smiled at her.

"...Thank you...Thank you so much, Momoko...I can finally rest in peace knowing that you don't hate me..."

Momoko gave her Mother a long embrace. Her Mother had something else to say.

"Momoko...I want you to go back to Japan and live with Ayumi-san...she will give you a life that I could never give you..."

Ayumi was Momoko's Mother's best friend and knew that she was the best to take care of Momoko for her.

Momoko looked at her Mother and saw a helpless pale woman who only had a few days or even hours to live. Her realization was kicking in that her Mother really was going to die. Although her Mother was tough on her at times, Momoko knew that her Mother still loved her and she also loved her Mother.

"Mother...I love you so much..."

A few hours had past and Momoko was at her home fast asleep. Momoko had woken up from a phone call she had from the hospital. It was at that time when Momoko burst into tears...her Mother had finally passed.

-Present Time - Momoko In The Hospital-

"Momoko! Mooomoooko!!" Momoko could hear the echo's of Chiharu's voice getting louder. She gently and slowly opened her eyes and saw Chiharu and Aina standing at the bed beside her. She let out a faint smile.

"Hey!" Momoko said in a weak tone.

Both Chiharu and Aina looked at each other, smiled and gave Momoko a hug.

"What happened? Ahh, my head!" Momoko let out a painful expression as she held her head.

"How long have I been out?" Momoko said as she looked at both Aina and Chiharu.

Chiharu replied, "It's been three days now, Momo-chan!! Are you feeling any better? Don't worry...those people who hurt you have been suspended for two weeks and their permanent record has been affected!"

Momoko replied hesitantly, "I see..."

Tears then started to roll down her eyes. Chiharu and Aina had a concerned expression on their faces and immediately began to sit down beside Momoko and held her hand.

Chiharu then wiped the tears and hair from Momoko's face and then she held Momoko's face in between her hands.

"It's going to be ok! Really! We are never going to let that happen to you again...Aina and I will always be by your side!"

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