1st time Making Love...Am I in Love

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You are reading a book as Princeton is laying beside you but then takes the book out your hand n then rolls over ontop of you putting your hands above your head kissing you

y/n - jacob *kisses*

jacob- *takes off your shirt* we cnt tell *smirks*

y/n- promise *helps him take the rest of your clothes off*

jacob- *fingering you in one hand and holding your arms with the other*

y/n- *moaning /breathing hard* jacob

jacob- *kisses you as you cum on his fingers*

As Jacob was about to insert his dick you looked shocked at how big he was n stopped him

jacob- what's wrong?

y/n-... it's my first time

jacob- i'll go easy

y/n- it's not just that...

jacob- hmm

y/n- I want it to be a certain way

jacob- whatever you want I can do it

y/n- I want you to make love to me

Jacob looked shocked n you look away ashamed

y/n- I knew that was stupid to ask

jacob- *lifts your chin* no it's not it's just that no girl has asked me that your so different I like that. Yall start kissing again so passionately like yall were meant to be.

y/n- *gasp as he start rubbing it between kitty* *moaning* oohh

jacob- *smiles*

You bite your lip n started grabbing the sheets as jacob started entering you n started with long deep strokes then you got use to it

y/n- faster

jacob- *goes harder n faster*

y/n- fu**! *digging your nails into his back*

jacob- *grunts* damn you're so tight

y/n- baby *whining*

jacob- who *thrusting *

y/n- *moaning loud * DD- Daddy!!

jacob- *groans* im bout to cum!

y/n- *pulling him closer n scratching his back*

jacob is thrusting faster than ever you felt his big dick twitch inside you soon feeling his warmness shoot inside you

jacob- *breathing hard into your neck thrusting slowly now*

You then roll over ontop of him tilting his head back in pleasure as you ride him slowly n Jacob holds onto your hips helping you keep your balance

y/n- *push his hands away* baby I'm in control *moaning *

jacob- Sh*t

Yall make love for another hour n then lay down together exhausted

y/n- *out of breath* this is between us

jacob- yes it is *kisses you*

Jacob wakes up the nxt morning with you asleep on his chest

Jacob P.O.V -

I should have killed that guy when i had the chance... Imma make sure she is safe but why did i make love to her..... Am I In Love With Her?????

*flashback* before they made love y/n was in a horrible relationship with some guy and Jacob came to your place before the guy nearly beat you to death and fought him off you and Jacob took care of you until you got better and that was for like 2 years

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