Chapter 2: Meeting The Badass

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It was weird seeing them, but as usual it didn't matter who it was for Kristen to speak shit about them. "Who do they think they are?" she mumbled.

I laughed internally, she doesn't like any form of competition. After that big entrance, everyone went back to what they were doing like nothing happened. Haylee and I had the first class together, so we said goodbye to Kristen and she looped her arm in mine as we walked towards class.

"So that girl was kinda cute, don't you think?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows. I didn't have to ask, I already knew she was talking about the new girl. Another thing about Haylee, she was bisexual. I was the first person she came out to, mom and dad took it better than I expected. They were saying love is love and why label it.

"Really? The boy was hotter." I replied only to annoy her as we walked in the class. I took my usual seat in the middle with Haylee on my left. I'm straight but I don't have a problem talking about girls with Haylee.

"Whatever." She mumbled, obviously hurt by what I said.

The teacher came in and started talking about a group project. The last thing that was on my mind school. I was thinking about the new girl. Did she see me staring at her?

Everyone's head snapped to the direction of the door when it opened, and the new girl and that boy walked in.

"Sorry were late, we couldn't find this class." she said, has passing the teacher her slip. She forced a smile and you could see that she didn't apologize often.

She glared at the boy. As if saying 'It's your fault.'

The teacher handed her the slip and said "Better late than never. Introduce yourselves to the class."

The girl cleared her throat before talking. "My name is Rylee and this is my best friend, Jace. We moved from California even though I'd rather stay the-"

She didn't get to finish her sentence as Jace elbowed her. She rolled her eyes and came to sit down beside me when there were plenty of seats available.

"Sorry about her. She's not used to people," Jace apologized to the class while glaring at Rylee. Rylee just shrugged and smirked at him. He made his way to sit beside her as the teacher continued talking about the group work.

I glanced over towards them and I could hear them whispering harshly to each other. I dozed off in class cause I really could care less about whatever Miss was talking about.

"Ms. Sandez!" I blinked furiously and looked at the teacher. She was buried in her notebook, who called my name then? I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see an amused Haylee staring back at me with a grin plastered on her face. "I've been calling your name for the pass 3 minutes. Are you okay?" She questioned.

"Yes!" I replied defensively.

"Yeah, right." She said unamused. "Well, we have a group project. You're my partner. The assignment is to put yourself in the other person's shoes for a day. Like find out about them and stuff." She said smiling brightly.

"Well that's easy, we're twins and we live together." I answered back. "So it'll be way easier to get a good grade."

But I realized that Haylee wasn't even paying attention to me. When I followed her gaze, she was starting at Jace, Rylee's best friend. I rolled my eyes and tapped her shoulder. "Um hello? Earth to Haylee, are you even listening to me?"

"Um, you know what? Change of plans, sis. How about new partners for a change? I mean we live together. That's too easy. I like a challenge." She said while getting up from beside me.

I stared at her in disbelief as Rylee was doing the same thing to Jace, staring in disbelief and annoyance as he got up from her and made his way over to Haylee. "Judas." I muttered under my breath referring to how she betrayed me like how Judas betrayed Jesus in the Bible.

I banged my now partner-less head on the table. My own twin! Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. What's up with people and tapping these days!? I turned around angrily and almost choked on my own spit when I saw Rylee standing over me, smirking.


"Taking your revenge on the poor table? Have you no mercy?" Her voice was so amazing and sexy. The way her words rolled off her tongue amazed me. I was caught up on my own thoughts that I didn't realize that I hadn't answered her question. I must've looked like a complete loser. She arched her perfectly trimmed eyebrow at me.

I glared at her and she laughed. Her laugh was the most melodic sound I've ever heard. "No, my sister just ditched me for someone else." I frowned. And I didn't even stutter!

"Well, I can help you out with that." She said. And then the next sentence that came out of her mouth made my heart stop beating. "Will you be my partner?"

"I'm sure there's a lot more people in this class that's without a partner. Go bother one of them." I tried to play it off cool.

"Well no one else was banging their head against a table, so I've decided to put you out of your misery." She shrugged.

I glared at her, "Don't do me any favours."

"Don't be like that, be my partner?"

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