Chapter 9: The Wedding Day!

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Today is the day I become Mrs Whitlock. I'm sooo happy and excited, yet, I'm nervous. "Bells? Whats wrong!?" Alice asked me.

"Nothing Alice. Just wedding gidders. I'm a little nervous." I said.

"Don't worry. When Jasper and I first got married because we THOUGHT we were mates, I was nervous also because, we had friends that were HUMANS and we also had friends that were vampires! Most of the vampires we invited drink animal blood or they had already hunted." Alice said.

"That makes me feel...a little better." I said. Alice smiled. "Glad I could help!" Alice, Rose and I have all been getting along again. Esme and Carlisle still think of me as they're daughter, I think of them as my second mom and dad, Emmett, Rose and Alice all still think of me as they're sister and Edward...Edward, he talks to me and Jasper, just not a lot. He is usually in his and Alice's room, outside somewhere or playing a very sad song on the paino. I feel bad...

"Bella, Alice. Is there any room for me to help?" Rose asked. Alice is going to be my maid of hounor and Emmett is the best man. Edward is one of the brothers that stand aside on the alter and Rose is a bride's maid also.

"Yes. You can do her make-up!" Alice squeaked. I smiled and Rose started doing my make-up. "Alice! Bella! Rose! Where are you guys!?" My mom, Reneé yelled.

"In here Reneé!" Rose yelled. Yes, my mom knows the Cullens are back. Charlie and my mom both accpeted Jasper so, they know I'm marrying him. "Ohhhh! You look so beautiful baby girl!" Reneé said.

"Yeah. Thanks mom." I said. Just then, Charlie walked in. "Hey Bells. Hope I ain't ruining nothin'? You look beautiful!"

"Yeah. Dad. You too."

"Yeah I know. I rock this suit!" He said and we all laughed. "Okay! Enough laughing! Dress time!" Rose said.

"Well, I'll be out here, waiting in the hallway." Charlie said.

"I'll go take my seat next to Phil and Charlie." Reneé said. I nodded and her and Charlie left. Alice said, "Okay. After we put the dress on, you know what comes next. You'll be Mrs. Whitlock!"

"Yep. I can't wait!" I said.

After I got the dress on, Alice and Rose went outside to talk and take their spots. I walked up to Charlie. "Ready?" He asked.



"Dad, don't let me fall! I'm pretty nervous but, I have dreamed of this day!" I said.

"I won't baby. I won't!" Charlie responded. Once the music started playing, we started walking. Everyone stood up and watched.


My Bella was now walking up the isle. About five more steps and she'll be up here with me.

Charlie kissed her cheek and hugged her and Charlie gave me her hand. She steped up here and we were facing each other. She smiled and I smiled back. The precher said, "We are gathered here today to witness these two in marriage! Jasper, repeat after me 'I promise to love you forever and help you through sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, to love and to cherish our time together!" I did as he said. "Bella, I promise to love you forever and help you through sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, to love and to cherish our time together!" I put the ring on her left ring finger. Bella repeated everything the precher told her too and then, she put the ring on my left ring finger. "I now pronoce you Mr and Mrs Whitlock. You may now kiss your bride!" The precher said and I did. I kissed Bella and she kissed me. Once we broke apart, everybody was clapping for us.

About an hour later Bella and I were talking to our friends, Mike, Jessica, Angela and Eric, from school before we graduated.

Edward walked up to us, "Bella, can I talk to you? Alone!?"

"Yeah. Umm...sure." Bella said. Bella looked at me. I nodded, telling her it was okay. She and Edward walked behind the house and into the woods while I was talking with friends.


"What is it, Edward?" I asked, annoyed but yet, concerned.

"Well, I am here to tell you that...I love you and NOTHING will EVER, EVER change that! Not even...if I do find my mate!?"

"Haven't you already found your mate? Alice is your mate!?"

"No she's not! She was just saying that! She wants me! But, I don't want her. I love Alice as a sister. But, not like she loves me!"

"Oh...I'm sorry. Edward, I love you too but, not as much as I used too. I love Jasper now!" I began to walk away.

"Bella, don't go!" Edward said.

"Edward, I have to go on my honeymoon with my mate, my husband!"

"But-" I cut him off by walking away. I walked past Japser, into the house and up to Alice. "Alice! Get the car ready so Jasper and I can go on our honeymoon! Now, please!?" I said.

"Why? What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it right now! Just...hurry. I will tell you before we leave."

"Okay!" She said. She called my mom, Charlie and Jasper up here. Everybody else had already left. I gave Reneé, Phil and Charlie hugs and they left. I got ready and so did Jasper. "Let me talk to Esme, Rose and Alice before we go. Okay?"

"Okay but, I wanna stay in here. We're married now so, you can tell me anything!" Jasper said.

"What is it, Bella?" Esme asked.

"I need you guys to know something." I said. They all motioned for me to go on. I took a deep breath and started. "Well, Jasper and I were talking with friends. Edward walked up to us. He wanted to talk to me so I went behind the house and into the woods with him, to talk. I asked what was wrong. He told me that he loved me and nothing will EVER, EVER change that, even if he found his mate. I said to him I thought Alice was your mate. He told me no, she wanted him. She loved him in that kind of way and she wanted him but, he loved her as a sister and not a mate. So, I said I was sorry but, I am married to my mate, my love. I then started walking away and he tried to stop me but, I just kept walking. Now, here I am telling you guys." I said.

"So...Edward doesn't want me the way I want him, as a mate?" Alice asked.

"I'm sorry Alice. He just loves you as a sister." I said. She started dry sobbing. "It...its not...your faul-fault, Bella!" She said. "The car is ready. You guys can go on your honeymoon!" She gave us both hugs and ran into her room. We gave everyone else hugs and left.

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