Thunder and Lightning.

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How were they wheezing? I've been burnt, cut, bruised, and I've also been thrown around like a ragdoll by a Legendary Pokemon. I was not panting like these guys. Either these guys didn't get out much or they were just melodramatic. I'm betting on the latter.
I sashayed up to them. "Or have you?" I said with a smirk.

They both screamed like little girls, hilariously they were both guys, and ran off. And, like always, we chased after. Did they really think that they could run off and we would just shrug our shoulders and say 'Oh well'?
I growled and started off in a run. Rand was slowing down a little because he was getting tired, but I perservered.

I found them leaning up against a shed next to a bridge, their backs facing us.
"Sorry... Let me catch my breath." One of them said to the other. "I haven't run in ages and I'm not feeling too good."

His partner was patting his back reassuringly. "You're as white as a sheet. Take deep breaths."

I decided to mess with these guys. "What's the matter? Are you feeling alright?" I said, feigning concern.
They bought into it.

"Well, actually, there were these terrible people, and we barely escaped unharmed."

"That must've been terrible!" I exclaimed. "What were they like?"

"One was an old Ranger," The one that was having trouble breathing said. Rand bristled when they called him old, but I shook my head at him, letting him know that now wasn't the time to strike.

"The other one was a scrawny girl Ranger." The other finished.

My eye twitched. "I'm not scrawny!!" I yelled, unable to control myself. "I'm SVELTE! I mean, seriously! What is WITH you people?!" I shouted.

They shot around so quickly, you would've thought that they had seen Giratina himself. I was sick and tired of being called scrawny! Sure, I was short and delicate and young, but I was a delicate little girl that could kick their sorry asses! I screamed in frustration.
They ran off like their life depended on it and I ran after them with a fire fueling my every step.

I stopped when I saw them run across the bridge and cower behind a blonde guy dressed in red. As soon as I stopped in front of them, Rand finally caught up.

"T-These are the two that we were just talking about!" He whimpered to the red guy. "They followed us the whole way here."

I suddenly recognized him. He was in the sky when me and Ben were fighting those other Pokemon Pinchers. "I'm not the leader of your team." The red guy said calmly. "But, I guess I'll have to help you out. You two just run away, I'll take care of this."

Without another word, the two grunts ran off. After the leader turned to us, his eyes widened. "You, the young Ranger." He said. "I thought you looked familiar from somewhere. You're the other Ranger we saw falling, right?"

I sharply nodded. Not only was I angry about being called scrawny, now I'm face-to-face with the last person who had seen my partner.

"You're still alive? Even after falling all the way to the ocean from the clouds!" He said, amazed.

I smirked, in pure spite. "What can I say? Bitches like me don't die easily." I said. "Where's my partner, Ben?"

"Sorry, I can't tell you. Especially because you're a Pokemon Ranger." He said with an amused smile. He was amused by what? My attitude? "I know how determined you Rangers are... That's why I'm making sure not to leak any information to you."

Well, he was right about that. For once, somebody didn't underestimate us and took us as a serious threat... And, for once, I wish he had underestimated us so that I could get the information that I needed to find Ben.

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